Right dominates conversation on networks about GSI on January 8

Images obtained by CNN show agency officials in a friendly atmosphere with invaders from the Three Powers. Gleisi says they are remnants of the Bolsonaro government, and opposition asks for CPMI

CNN Brasil released this Wednesday (April 19) images showing employees of the GSI (Institutional Security Office) in a friendly atmosphere with invaders from the Three Powers on January 8.

Photo: Nucleus Journalism

The then minister of the body, Gonçalves Dias, appointed by Lula, also appears in the images, but does not interact with the coup plotters.

Government supporters called Dias, who is a retired army general, a traitor.

And he resigned a few hours after the images were released.

Ricardo Cappelli, executive secretary of the Ministry of Justice, took over the position on an interim basis.

PT President Gleisi Hoffmann said the GSI agents who helped the invaders were holdovers from the Bolsonaro government.

According to Folha, Lula was already irritated with Gonçalves Dias for having requested access to images of the invasion several times from the general and having his requests denied.

The opposition took advantage of the episode to reiterate its requests for the opening of a CPMI on January 8th. There are congressmen even asking for Lula’s impeachment. Virtually all tweets with greater engagement about the case are right-wing politicians and influencers.

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