Right suffers labor pains – 07/17/2023 – Dora Kramer

After years of acting as an engaged and influential, albeit somewhat embarrassed, figurehead, the Brazilian right has recently entered the mainstream of politics. All quaint, not afraid to say her name.

Among the novelties he faces as a co-protagonist is the internal division. Until then, public skirmishes were characteristic of the left, but not only that. The MDB, our longest-lived party, has survived for almost 50 years as a federation of often divergent groups.

The tension is part of the game and tends to explode as a spectacle the more relevant the players become. If it weren’t for Jair Bolsonaro, former president of the Republic and Tarcísio de Freitas governor of São Paulo, nobody would have paid attention to the bullshit at that PL meeting on the Tax Reform vote.

It is no exaggeration, therefore, to assume that the right is now suffering from the birth pangs of rebirth. It is a hypothesis, because only the progress of the carriage will tell if the split that can be seen between supporters of rapprochement with the current government and defenders of the radical opposition will be mortal or transitory.

At the MDB, disagreement is a way of living together. In the PT, it has already resulted in expulsions (in the election of Tancredo Neves, in the 1980s, and in the Social Security reform, in 2003), but today, internal tension is part of the party’s glamour. The emedebists understand each other in the misunderstanding, and the petistas obey President Lula’s leadership.

Both, each in their own way, preserve identities. It is the task facing the PL, PP and Republicans. Either they assume a brand, albeit under the aegis of moderation, in order to increase identification with the electorate of that field, or they take shelter in the old and warm cave of physiologism.

With the latter being the choice, the right will abandon the plan to consolidate itself in the universe of the protagonists to return to the supporting role. Engaged and influential, but embarrassed again.

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