Right warms up the tambourine – 05/15/2023 – Dora Kramer

Is it too early to talk about the next presidential elections? Yeah, but politicians only think about it and move in that direction. The President of the Republic indicates that he is running for a new term – as well as his predecessor, he indicates that he is currently eligible.

Between the will and the conquest of power there are circumstances, there is the imponderable and there is the dexterity factor in assembling chess. In the middle of the road is also next year’s municipal race.

Despite the effort to win in capitals and large cities in 2024, as it is a demonstration of strength, the results do not have a cause and effect relationship with each other. PT was bad in 2020 and took the Presidency in 2022.

It’s even a training session, but the game in preparation is the presidential match. As there will be no change on the left if Lula maintains his plan to go for re-election, at the moment attention is on the right.

These people entered the field more recently, and that’s where the doubts reside as premises for the arrangements: will Jair Bolsonaro be ineligible? What’s better: him as an electoral supporter or candidate? Will Tarcísio de Freitas follow the idea of ​​re-electing himself governor of São Paulo in order not to repeat previous bad examples of precipitation?

No one wants to buy friction with the former president, but there is implicit support for him to stay out by virtue of a court decision or, if not, run for the Senate in São Paulo. Candidate for the Plateau, the feeling is that he would lose.

The intention is to “close” São Paulo and Minas Gerais, the two largest electoral colleges. The South would come by gravity and the Northeast, already lost to Lula. If Tarcísio changes his mind, there is talk of Romeu Zema in vice. If not, the governor of Minas at the head of the plate composed with someone from the more moderate Bolsonarist camp, like Senator Tereza Cristina (PP-MS).

It is the opening scene of a long and troubled journey.

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