Rioters damage cars in Berlin-Mitte

Several unknown people rioted in Berlin on Saturday night and wrote a message on a wall calling for demonstrations on May 1st. Now is determined because of breach of the peace.

Rioters demolished numerous cars and windows in Berlin-Mitte on Saturday night. As the police reported, at least 20 people dressed in dark clothes moved from Seydelstrasse to Alten-Jakob-Strasse. A total of 18 vehicles were damaged, two of which were set on fire. According to the police, two suspects aged 17 and 21 were temporarily arrested. The group left graffiti related to May 1st on house facades.

According to a dpa photographer, one of the walls read “Out for May 1st.”. The entrance to the Berlin-Mitte job center was daubed with red paint. According to the police, bags of paint were thrown at houses and stones at shop windows.

In addition, people from the group threw a moving car from a security company and damaged the rear window. No one was injured, police said. State security is investigating particularly serious breaches of the peace.

The rbb reported that, according to eyewitness reports, there were even around 30 people who, among other things, threw Bengalos into cars. The police have extinguished a fire in a charging electric rental car. At least one other vehicle was completely burned out, the station reported.

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