Royal praise for Steverauenfest in the sunshine: Hundreds come to the nature park house

Jura Weitzel
Old and young had a lot of fun at the Steverauenfest. © Jura Weitzel

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You couldn’t miss the Steverauenfest, no matter from which direction you approached the Olfen Nature Park House or the Füchtelner Mühle. In the sunny weather, hundreds of Olfen residents and numerous visitors from the surrounding area came to the new edition after a five-year break.

On the paths between the many stands and attractions, people often only moved at a walking pace and the youth fire brigade, who took care of the instructions on the parking lots on Kökelsumer Straße, also had their hands full. “In the run-up to the event, you start to think about whether enough people will come. Of course, a lot of people came because of the weather,” says Lisa Lorenz, organizer of the festival and responsible for city marketing and culture at the city of Olfen.

A magician fascinated the young visitors in particular.
A magician fascinated the young visitors in particular.© Jura Weitzel

Long lines at the ice cream stand

In addition to older and middle-aged visitors, there are also many children. They can have fun at the tiger duck rodeo, horseshoe throwing and on the bouncy castle, among other things. Here, too, queues sometimes form with young visitors and their parents. “Sunday is usually a day for the whole family. It was particularly important to us that there was enough program so that you can spend a few hours here with children,” emphasizes Lisa Lorenz.

The magician has just stepped off the stage, making some cloths disappear and the children laughing. Immediately afterwards, the Olfen anthem is intoned. Among the numerous food stalls with offers such as the Olfen burger from Heckrind from the Steveraue, the homemade Stever-Lippe ice cream from Hof ​​Närdemann is particularly popular on this very sunny day. Everyone wants to cool off with the delicious balls.

There are important visitors at the asparagus stand nearby. Svea I. had come from Delbrück. The asparagus queen of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia is in Olfen for the first time and not only pleasantly surprised by the large number of visitors. “It’s a great festival that has been put on here, great people, great weather. I like it here,” she says. On site, she oversees an asparagus peeling competition on the stage, where interested parties can demonstrate their talent. “I want to see it live right away,” agrees organizer Lisa Lorenz. At the stand with Queen Svea there are also asparagus pesto and quiche as snacks.

The sun loungers by the river were very popular.
The sun loungers by the river were very popular.© Bastian Becker

Next festival probably in 2025

People also crowd towards the raft docks, where numerous large tractors are parked. On the Stever, some visitors lie in deck chairs and let the sun shine on them. Numerous associations present their work on the site, as well as numerous companies from Olfen and the surrounding area.

But not everyone should come in the future either, Lisa Lorenz announces: “It’s important that it fits the Steveraue and has something to do with the topics of nature, the environment and agriculture.” Making people aware of these topics is one thing important concern, regardless of whether they are rafting across the Stever or fortifying themselves with regional products.

The parking lot on the nearby meadows was full.
The parking lot on the nearby meadows was full.© Jura Weitzel
On the paths and at the tables: It was very crowded everywhere.
On the paths and at the tables: It was very crowded everywhere.© Bastian Becker

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