Rwanda to wipe out cervical cancer, flood control going green, restoring degragated landscapes


In today’s edition of Squirrel News, Rwanda is on it’s way to eliminate cervical cancer thanks to a strong HPV vaccination programme, Houston is implementing green sustainable solutions to prevent floods, and Australian agronomist Tony Rinaudo explains how to restore forest landscapes.

How Rwanda could become one of the first countries to wipe out cervical cancer

With a strong HPV vaccination programme and a concerted screening and treatment drive, the country could be the first in Africa – possibly the world – to eliminate the disease.

Source: The Guardian

Flood control: Houston is implementing green solutions to protect the city

An abandoned golf court in Houston has been renovated into a nature preserve pound. This measure will help reduce flooding in the neighbourhood.

Source: Houston Public Media

While life returns to burnt California forests, experts suggest how to prevent future fires

Fire experts and land managers suggest that the best defence against wildfires is to regularly burn overgrown forests. Carefully controlled, low-intensity fires wipe out dry plants and reduce the risk of future catastrophes.

Source: Christian Science Monitor

In Singapore researchers have invented a chemical coating that makes wood fireproof

A group of Nanyang Technological University scientists have developed an invisible coating that provides timber with a flame barrier. It prevents fire from spreading and combusting wood from the inside.

Source: Techxplore

Denmark uses digital platforms to stop daily food waste

Innovative Danish apps show food shops which offer products close to expiration at a third of their usual price. The platforms help to find consumers for edible items that would otherwise have been tossed in the trash.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful

Small, lightweight floating panels: an invention that convert light into fuel

Researchers from the University of Cambridge have designed floating artificial leaves which, unlike regular solar panels, produce fuel. These panels are only 1mm thick and can go anywhere what makes them easy to use in multiple settings.

Source: Euronews

13-year-old girl restores modern and Soviet-era technology in Georgia

Following her passion for fixing portable devices, Mariam Ben Nakhi is doing something that most teenagers her age aren’t – restoring technology as part of her own business.

Source: Euronews

Sea Monkey Project’ upcycles thousands of plastic products left for waste in Malaysia

The Steenland family created the project to tackle plastic pollution and have since been creating machines that help them transform the waste into useful products.

Source: Euronews

Couple helps to transform drought-hit region by promoting organic farming

A Karnataka-based couple have founded an NGO that provides farmers and students with training in organic farming. So far, they have inspired hundreds of people to use green methods and helped them to earn a better income.

Source: The Better India

Let it grow: Q&A with reforestation and land restoration visionary Tony Rinaudo

In a wide-ranging interview, Rinaudo shares his hopes, dreams, and insights about Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration.

Source: Mongabay

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