Sahra Wagenknecht’s guru business: Got capitalism

Sahra Wagenknecht is an economically successful guru. The party Die Linke, on the other hand, to which she still belongs, is a closed case.

Shared apartment in the 80s at the kitchen table

Wagenknecht against the left, that’s no different than it used to be in the shared flat Photo: Abisag Tüllmann/BPK

Sahra Wagenknecht has understood capitalism: A prerequisite for successful entrepreneurship is always that one’s own private-sector activities are lavishly publicly subsidized for as long as possible, if possible without anything being done in return. In addition to her diets, she took in around 750,000 euros last year, like the first Mirror reported. He had previously researched Wagenknecht’s Bundestag truancy, she was often ill, and then, she says, there were “scheduled collisions” with her, sorry, really, business, as I said: she understood.

Such a diversification of sources of income is also written into the business plan by the relevant advice centers when you start self-employment. And now Wagenknecht can confidently say: “I can also imagine a perspective as a writer and publicist.” In other words, towards “her” party and those who voted for her: Thank you, you bums – for nothing!

Although you have to see that Wagenknecht is no different than a guru, similar to good old Bhagwan. His sect followers also didn’t think anything of it when the master drove up in a Rolls-Royce – why should he? The guru ensures that people find their home in a parallel universe. And when it falls apart as expected, they look for the next opportunity for escapism and a charismatic figure who can betray them: Because the injuries they experience in the real world are much worse for them than all dangerous nonsense , which the chariot servants of this world can dream up.

Those who haven’t understood capitalism are the Left Party. Brecht, who was valued by Sahra Wagenknecht, wrote: “The money is good. Watch out for the money! If you have money, you don’t have to bow!” And the left has to bow. Anyone who has anything to do with people who make a living from their involvement in the left often hears the sentence: Oh yes, Sahra, the Wagenknecht, bad – of course I want to get out of this terrible party, but I have don’t have another job yet. It’s that simple sometimes. The fact that Wagenknecht leads Die Linke around as dancing bears and thus earns very well does not harm her, not even morally; it harms only the party that lets them do their thing, it makes them morally unhealthy, it smacks of cowardice and desperation.

Flat share disputes in the 1970s

The whole Wagenknecht discussion is basically sterile, reminiscent of flat share disputes in the 1970s in its infinitely tough dullness: one has inherited the property and wants to move out, but the others have no money for the deposit and are whining around.

When I look at my constituency in Berlin, in one of the poorest neighborhoods in the city, more than half of those entitled to vote gave up their right to vote in the parliamentary elections in February. The Left even gained slightly, getting 21 percent of the votes. So there is potential for party work instead of post-farts. When Sahra has finally decided to focus entirely on her business, she might even make a donation – she can sell it.

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