Sailor teaches how practicing sports helps build a successful environment

Athlete who covered more than 60,000 km of ocean crossings will be interviewed on a podcast

Sports have a great influence on the professional journey of entrepreneurs, helping to develop important skills for the business world. Practicing sports promotes the ability to plan and execute, with discipline, resilience, overcoming challenges and the ability to work as a team.

Beto Pandiani will be the next podcast interviewee

Beto Pandiani will be the next interviewee on the podcast “De Dono para Dono” (Photo: Disclosure)

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Great athletes have become successful entrepreneurs, such as tennis player Serena Williams, who has her own clothing brand, in addition to investments in technology companies; Ronaldo Fenômeno, who invests in various sectors, including media, real estate and energy, basketball player LeBron James, who has even been involved in film production, in addition to undertaking a chain of schools for needy children.

Inspired by so many success stories, the subject of the podcast “De Dono para Dono” will address the theme “Sports and entrepreneurship: what your passion can teach you about business”. During the program, which airs on April 25, Rogério Vargas, a partner at Auddas, will talk to Beto Pandiani, sailor, explorer, writer, speaker and successful businessman.

– Just as in the business world, travel arrangements need to be carried out well in advance and attention to detailed planning, precise execution and governance, and correct capital management. And Beto has an incredible life experience, with a lot to teach us professionally – comments Vargas.

Pandiani has carried out seven expeditions of more than 60,000 km of ocean crossings aboard catamarans without a cabin, has written six books about his travels and currently gives motivational talks and continues to plan his next trips.

– The engine of life is learning and travel teaches us all the time to make decisions with a focus on survival and completing goals. And one of the biggest learnings for me was realizing that we can go much further than we imagine with much less than we think is necessary, the lighter your structure, the further you go. And this goes for everything, in personal life and in the company as well – concludes Pandiani

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