Saliva guitarist Wayne Swinny dies at 59 of a brain hemorrhage »

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Saliva guitarist Wayne Swinny dies at 59 of a brain hemorrhage

Wayne Swinny, one of The founding members of Saliva, died at The age of 59 after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage.

“It Is With great sadness that we announce The passing of our brother Wayne Swinny,” The rock band wrote on Facebook Wednesday. “Wayne died this afternoon of a spontaneous cerebral hemorrhage while we were on tour… Everyone who knew him will miss him.”

The band noted that “details of funeral arrangements will be announced soon”, before adding “We love you, Wayne”.

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On Tuesday morning, The guitarist suffered a brain hemorrhage.
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The band’s official Instagram account later posted a black and white Photo of Swinny on stage With The caption “I love you bro.”

Since The news of His departure, singer Bobby Amaru – who joined The band In 2012 – said that he would “cherish” their relationship for The rest of His Life.


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“I’m not even sure what to think or how to feel right now. My heart aches for Wayne’s family, His friends and everyone who had The joy of being around him. My heart aches for His daughter Nikki. He loved that little girl so much.”

Rocker described Swinny as someone who “would do anything to make sure you had a good time”.

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Since then, some of The rocker’s bandmates Have spoken out about His tragic death.

Amaru ended The message by saying “he was The older brother I never had. I learned so much from him and we had a great time together! I will cherish it for The rest of my Life!”

Just hours before His death, announced that Swinny had been hospitalized after being “discovered Tuesday morning In an emergency.”

Wayne co-founded The group, known for its mix of rock and hip-hop, In 1996 With vocalist Josey Scott, guitarist Chris Dabaldo, bassist Dave Novotny and drummer Paul Crosby.

#Saliva #guitarist #Wayne #Swinny #dies #brain #hemorrhage #
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