Sanctuary Ending Explained, Cast, and Streaming Platform

Sanctuary Ending Explained

One day, to Shizuuchi’s utter shock, he discovered his mother behind their house, beneath a towering cherry blossom tree, having fatally wounded his younger brother’s throat with a knife. In a devastating turn of events, his mother then proceeded to take her own life by slashing her own throat with the same knife.

It appeared that she had no intention of harming Shizuuchi, possibly recognizing his talent in sumo wrestling and his potential to build a prosperous future. Standing motionless, Shizuuchi witnessed the tragic deaths of his mother and brother, seemingly frozen in that spot until someone stumbled upon the harrowing scene and falsely accused him of the crime.

Shizuuchi struggled to cope with the profound loss in a healthy manner, haunted by his mother’s teachings that he must always maintain a cheerful disposition even during times of sorrow. Despite the immense impact this incident had on him, even to this day, Shizuuchi continues to lead an unconventional and stunted existence. 

Sanctuary Info

“Sanctuary” is a Japanese sports drama streaming television series that debuted on Netflix on May 4, 2023. Created by Kan Eguchi, the show comprises of eight episodes, all of which were initially released in May 2023.

The protagonist of the series is Kiyoshi Oze, portrayed by Wataru Ichinose. Kiyoshi is a brash and aggressive young man who enters the world of professional sumo wrestling with the shikona name Ennō, driven by the desire for financial gain. The title “Sanctuary” was chosen to symbolize the dohyō, the sacred arena where wrestlers wager their futures and outsiders are prohibited. 

Sanctuary Netflix Sumo

In 2023, a drama series with a maturity rating of A, consisting of one season, unfolds. It revolves around a resilient and underprivileged youngster who embarks on a journey to become a sumo wrestler. His bold and confident demeanor captivates audiences, while simultaneously unsettling an industry deeply rooted in tradition.

The series is executive produced by Sakamoto Kaata and produced by Fujita Daisuke. The cinematography is handled by Yasushi Naoi for photography, Norifumi Ataka for artworks, and Jun Tanaka for lighting. Takeshi Wada serves as the editor for the series. The running time of each episode ranges from 30 to 65 minutes. The production company behind the series is SLOWTIDE.

Sanctuary 2023 Cast



Wataru Ichinose  Kiyoshi
Pierre Taki  Ensho-oyakata
Shioli Kutsuna  Asuka Kunishima
Shota Sometani  Shimizu
Hiroki Sumi as  Shizuchi
Koyuki  Hana
So Kaku  Ryuki
Suzuki Matsuo  Inushima-oyakat

Sanctuary 2023 Where to Watch?

Sanctuary, featuring Wataru Ichinose is available for streaming on Netflix with a subscription, including Netflix Basic. The series consists of eight episodes within one season. Currently, Sanctuary is still airing, and there is no official announcement regarding the release date for the next episode or season.

The storyline revolves around Ennō, a novice wrestler and troubled individual burdened by debt, a tumultuous family life, and a penchant for violence. As he enters the world of professional sumo, Ennō catches the attention of the master of Enshō stable, who recognizes his potential and physical prowess. However, Ennō’s sole motivation is monetary gain, devoid of any true passion for the sport of sumo. Consequently, his flamboyant personality and disregard for traditional sumo customs draw criticism and disapproval from the sport’s executives.

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