Sandra Bullock Suffered From PTSD After Being The Victim Of A Home Invasion

As Sandra Bullock was left to cope with all kinds of anxiety, she received the smallest bit of relief when she learned that Joshua Corbett had been taken into custody. What police found inside Corbett’s home, however, didn’t help calm anyone’s nerves. TMZ reported that Corbett had an “arsenal” of weapons inside his home, including seven machine guns. Moreover, USA Today reported that authorities found a two-page, handwritten letter that Corbett had allegedly written for Bullock. “I love you and Louie and only want to be part of your lifes. I saw you come home after the AFI gala and only wished I was at the entrance to your heart when you came home,” read the chilling note, in part.

On “Red Table Talk,” Bullock spoke about how she handled the aftermath of the home invasion. “There were some layers,” she explained. “I didn’t realize what PTSD was until I was, and this is the oddest thing. I would look left out of a car, not right, I would look left, and I would start sobbing,” she continued. Bullock went on to say that she often got very upset thinking about how her son might “absorb nothing but fear and trauma and shame” from her. 

She credits a therapeutic process known as eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) for helping her get through that challenging time.

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