São Paulo meets Inter at Morumbi in a duel to adjust attacks after stumbles

Teams have shown difficulties in finishing and hope that a good result will put them back on track

May 7
– 03:10

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São Paulo It is International disappointed their fans in the midweek commitments for the continental tournaments. At South American, the tricolor team did not start from scratch on a visit to Deportes Tolima, in Colombia. For the liberators, the colorado team had the victory in their hands, but allowed the reaction of Nacional de Montevideo and left the field with the tie. This Sunday, Morumbi will stage a duel for Brasileirão whose focus is on getting teams back on track.

After changing Rogerio Ceni per dorival junior, São Paulo managed to obtain good results that came unaccompanied by performance. The victories over América-MG and Ituano exposed difficulties, but, in the eyes of the fans, they gave an important sign of relief. After the stumble in Ibagué, the goal is to regain efficiency. One of the proposed solutions is the return of Jonathan Calleri. The Argentine is cured of dengue and must reinforce the attack.

“I’m satisfied with what I’m seeing, I have no doubts that, if we keep what we’re doing, soon the team will act in a more natural way and, mainly, the finals will improve significantly”, commented Dorival, who saw the team create , but to sin in the quality of the conclusion of the moves. Against Coritiba, were 23 submissions, six in the direction of the goal It is a ball in the net. Against Tolima, the team kicked 12 timesbut only one of them provoked action from the goalkeeper.

However, there is no shortage of problems for Dorival to climb the team. called from “Brazilian Pep Guardiola” by the Colombian press, the coach will try to use his nickname to build the team without ferraresi (right knee surgery), Talles Costa (suture in the meniscus of the right knee), Moreira (transition after left knee surgery), Igor Vinícius (transition after pubic surgery), welington (left ankle surgery), galoppo (left knee surgery), david (trauma to the right knee) and Erison (transition after stretching in fibrosis of the left thigh).

“The recent change in the technical command takes a little time to adjust some things that a new coach, naturally, must request. It is normal that we are still looking for better conditions, but the team has been improving, gaining strength. But everything goes well. happen with more work, training and departures”, explained Dorival Junior.


If for São Paulo, the resolution of problems in the attack is on the horizon, for Internacional the headache is just beginning. the striker German suffered a muscle injury in the right thigh in the last match and is out of this Sunday’s game. Without the holder, Mano Menezes must climb Luiz Adriano. Another option is Lucca. Together, the three Colorado strikers only scored five goals in the year.

Midfielder Johnny is still doubtful, while Aránguiz, Jean Dias and Gabriel will not travel to the capital of São Paulo. Another uncertainty is about the goal. keiller It is John, ex-Santos, fight for ownership. The first has been questioned by the fans after recurring failures and should make room for the competitor in Mourmbi.



  • SÃO PAULO: Rafael; Rafinha, Arboleda, Beraldo and Caio Paulista (Patryck); Luan (Gabriel Neves), Pablo Maia, Rodrigo Nestor and Alisson; Luciano (Wellington Rato) and Calleri. Technician: Dorival Junior.
  • INTER: John (Keiller); Bustos (Igor Gomes), Vitão (Moledo), Mercado and Renê (Thauan Lara); Gustavo Campanharo, Carlos de Pena, Maurício and Alan Patrick; Wanderson and Luiz Adriano (Lucca). Technician: Mano Menezes.
  • JUDGE: Bráulio da Silva Machado (Fifa-SC).
  • TIME: 4pm.
  • LOCAL: Morumbi’s stadium.
  • WHERE TO WATCH: Globo (for SP, RS, PE and MS) and Premiere.

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