Sarah Aline declares herself to Alface

While they were snuggling in bed, Sarah Aline declared herself to the beloved Ricardo Alface and moves the boy: Check it out!

After a long game talk outside, Ricardo It is Sarah Aline they’re going to lie down snuggled up in the most guarded house in Brazil. At that moment, the psychologist took the time to declare herself to the brother.

Sarah Aline declares herself to Alface

Sarah Aline declares herself to Alface

Photo: Globo / Mais Novela

“I’m sorry I can be so hard-headed sometimes,” says the psychologist. “Relax, I’m more”says the biomedical. “Depends on the day I can be more. You are the real person in here, not just in here”, she says.

Sarah Aline states that her feeling is true:

“Very nice to meet you here”she says. “I say the same”, says Richard. “I may not be as affectionate, but my feeling is always very true. Maybe I’m not 100% succeeding”says Sarah Aline.

After the sister’s statement, the biodoctor hugs the beloved, and they kiss in bed.

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