Sarah, Bruna and Fred Nicácio are on the wall of “BBB 23”

10 Apr
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Photo: Disclosure/Globo/Poppoca Moderna

This Sunday’s wall (9/4) at “BBB 23” was marked by reversals. With a back-and-forth dynamic, the training actually started on Saturday, when Cezar Black won the Angel’s Power, which this time was autoimmune, and was entitled to wall two people for the Monster’s punishment. Black chose Aline Wirley and Amanda Meirelles, creating a bad atmosphere in the fourth Desert, which welcomed him after he left the Fundo do Mar.

Upon discovering that Black, his announced target, was immune, Leader Ricardo Alface started the upheavals by returning to Fred Nicácio, his supposed ally, preventing the wall from being entirely formed by members of the Desert. The unexpected vote, at least for those who follow the program only on Globo (and not via streaming), had already been rehearsed since Larissa Santos showed Alface the day before that the possibility that Anjo was autoimmune was high. Alface hunted for reasons on Saturday and Sunday to vote for the doctor, even telling his date Sarah Aline that he didn’t want a wall formed only by the sisters of the Desert.

In the house vote, the Desert voted for Sarah and the Fundo do Mar for Bruna Griphao, in a tie for the Leader to define. Lettuce freed Sarah.

And then the ciranda began. With the Joker Power, which in the week was the Power of Mixture, Aline was able to exchange her place on the wall with Sarah. It could have ended there, but the rules included two more steps that didn’t change anything. Indicated by the Leader, Fred could remove one of the walls. He took Sarah. But Amanda, the second walled up by the Monster, had the power to bring one more person to the spotlight. And she chose Sarah again.

Sarah, Amanda and Bruna were the Bate-Volta test. Amanda got away with the lucky sponsored contest. Thus, the two nominated for the wall by Black on Saturday managed to avoid the wall. Sarah and Bruna joined Fred in the public vote, which on Tuesday (11/3) will eliminate one of them.

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