Sarah Young Passed Away: What Happened to Sarah Young? How did Sarah Young Die?

Who was Sarah Young?

Sarah Young was a former missionary whose life’s work made a profound impact on the world of Christian literature. She gained widespread recognition for her devotional prayers, which led to the creation of the immensely popular book “Jesus Calling.”

This book, published in 2004, has sold over 40 million copies and spawned a range of related products, including children’s books and journals. Despite her success, Sarah Young remained a private individual, living in seclusion in her hometown of Nashville and avoiding public appearances and interviews. Her devotionals continue to inspire and comfort people from various walks of life, and her legacy as a Christian author is truly unparalleled.

Sarah Young Passed Away

Sarah Young, a beloved former missionary whose devotional prayers touched the hearts of millions, has passed away at the age of 77. She was the author of the immensely popular Christian book “Jesus Calling,” which has sold over 40 million copies worldwide.

Sarah Young’s death occurred on Thursday, August 31, following a prolonged battle with chronic illness and Lyme Disease. The news of her passing was initially reported by Christianity Today and came shortly after Publisher’s Weekly had reported on the declining state of her health.

Mark Schoenwald, the president of HarperCollins Christian Publishing, expressed his deep appreciation for Sarah Young, stating, “It has been a joy and an honor to have Sarah Young as part of our publishing family. Sarah was a remarkable woman who deeply loved God. Her words have resonated with people from all walks of life, and the global impact of her work is unparalleled.”

Sarah Young’s passing marks the end of a writing career that was not only remarkably successful but also unexpected. She became a renowned figure in the Christian publishing world, and her devotionals continue to inspire and uplift people worldwide. Her legacy will live on through her words and the countless lives she touched with her faith and spirituality.


Sarah Young Education

Sarah Young’s educational journey was marked by a commitment to academic excellence and a pursuit of knowledge that eventually played a significant role in her spiritual awakening and subsequent career as a Christian author.

After graduating from Wellesley College, a prestigious institution known for its rigorous academic programs, Young continued her pursuit of education by earning graduate degrees from both Tufts University and Covenant Theological Seminary. These institutions are well-regarded for their academic rigor and commitment to theological studies, reflecting Sarah Young’s dedication to deepening her understanding of faith and spirituality.

It was during her travels in Europe, particularly her visit to the L’Abri community in Switzerland, that her academic background intersected with her spiritual journey. L’Abri, founded and led by Francis Schaeffer, a prominent evangelical pastor and author, was known as a place where individuals could engage in deep theological discussions and explore matters of faith. It was during her time at L’Abri that Sarah Young had a transformative conversation that led her to embrace Christianity.

Her educational background, combined with her experiences at L’Abri, provided a strong foundation for her later work as a Christian author. It allowed her to draw upon both her academic knowledge and her newfound faith to create the inspirational and widely beloved devotional writings that would go on to touch the lives of millions through her book “Jesus Calling.” Sarah Young’s educational and spiritual journey serves as a testament to the profound ways in which faith and learning can intersect and shape one’s life.

Sarah Young Husband

Sarah Young’s husband, Steve, played a significant role in her life and shared in her journey as a missionary and Christian counselor. The couple met while they were both studying in seminary, deepening their shared commitment to faith and service. After graduating in 1977, they embarked on a mission together, joining Mission to the World, a missionary agency affiliated with the Presbyterian Church in America.

Their mission work took them to various parts of the world, starting with Japan and later Australia. While serving as missionaries, Sarah Young continued to deepen her understanding of faith and spirituality, eventually leading her to become a Christian counselor. Throughout their missionary work and ministry, Steve was undoubtedly a source of support, partnership, and encouragement for Sarah.

Sarah Young’s passing leaves her husband, Steve, as the surviving partner in their lifelong journey together. Their shared commitment to their faith and mission work undoubtedly made a lasting impact on the communities they served and the people they touched. Steve’s role in supporting Sarah’s work and their shared dedication to spreading Christianity exemplify a partnership rooted in faith and service to others.

Sarah Young Children

Sarah Young, the celebrated Christian author and missionary, leaves behind a loving family that includes her husband, Steve, who shared in her journey of faith and service. Together, they embarked on a mission as missionaries with Mission to the World, serving in various parts of the world. This partnership in faith not only defined their relationship but also shaped their shared purpose in spreading Christianity.

In addition to her husband, Sarah Young is survived by two children and six grandchildren. While her public persona was that of an inspirational author and devoted missionary, her family life was undoubtedly a cornerstone of her personal journey. These family ties represent a different facet of her life, one that undoubtedly brought her immense joy and fulfillment alongside her spiritual and literary pursuits. Sarah Young’s legacy lives on not only through her impactful writings but also through the love and connections she shared with her husband, children, and grandchildren.

Sarah Young Career

Sarah Young’s career as a Christian author was marked by a remarkable journey that began with a response to the cultural phenomenon known as the “Satanic Panic” in the 1990s and ultimately led to the creation of her widely acclaimed book, “Jesus Calling.”

The “Satanic Panic” was a period of time when rumors and fears about devil-worshipping cults spread across the United States. This unsettling period of societal concern inspired Sarah Young to start writing a series of journal entries during her prayer time. She described how she would spend time listening to God and jotting down the thoughts that came to her during these moments of reflection and spiritual connection.

“Jesus Calling” emerged from these journal entries and was published in 2004, when Sarah was in her late 50s. Initially, the book had a modest beginning, but it quickly gained traction and became a massive success. The impact of “Jesus Calling” extended far beyond the book itself, leading to the creation of a brand that included children’s books, journals, and podcasts.

By July of 2023, “Jesus Calling” and its related products had sold an astonishing 45 million copies, according to Thomas Nelson, Sarah Young’s publisher. The book’s enduring popularity was evidenced by its high ranking on the Evangelical Christian Publisher’s Association bestseller list in August 2023, where it held the second position.

Despite her immense success, Sarah Young remained notably publicity-shy throughout her career. She lived in relative seclusion in her hometown of Nashville, avoiding in-person interviews and refraining from engaging in social media or public appearances commonly associated with superstar authors. Her decision to live in Perth, Australia, when “Jesus Calling” was first published made it challenging to promote the book, but her words still resonated deeply with readers around the world.

Sarah Young’s writings, presented as if Jesus were speaking directly to the reader, were not without controversy. However, she clarified that she did not consider herself a prophet, nor did she claim that “Jesus Calling” was a new addition to the Scriptures. Instead, she described her work as devotional writing, guided by her conversations with Jesus during her prayer time.

In addition to providing spiritual guidance and comfort to readers, Young’s books aimed to direct people toward the Bible, emphasizing the importance of connecting with both Jesus, the living Word, and the Bible, the written Word. Her writings spoke to individuals in diverse ways, meeting them at their unique points of need, whether in times of illness, grief, or personal struggles.

Despite her success and recognition as a bestselling author, Sarah Young saw her role as a sacred responsibility and a privilege. She felt compelled to pray for the many readers of her books daily, viewing it as a crucial aspect of her mission to help people draw closer to God and find solace, courage, and inspiration in their faith journeys. Sarah Young’s career as an author left an indelible mark on the world of Christian literature, touching the lives of countless individuals seeking a deeper connection with their faith.

Sarah Young  Age

Sarah Young was died at the age of 77. Her journey from missionary work to becoming the author of the immensely popular book “Jesus Calling,” which has sold millions of copies worldwide, is a testament to her deep faith and dedication to spreading Christian teachings. What makes Sarah Young particularly inspiring is not only the success of her writings but also the profound impact they have had on the lives of countless individuals.

Her devotionals have provided comfort, guidance, and inspiration to people from diverse backgrounds and in various stages of their faith journey. Her commitment to prayer, reflection, and her personal relationship with God shines through in her work, resonating with readers and helping them draw closer to their faith.

Sarah Young Net Worth

Sarah Young’s primary source of income came from the sales of her books, particularly her most famous work, “Jesus Calling,” which has sold millions of copies worldwide. This book, along with its associated products such as children’s books and journals, generated significant revenue. Jesus Calling” had sold over 40 million copies, indicating the substantial financial success of her writing.

Additionally, Young may have received income from speaking engagements, royalties from her various publications, and related merchandise tied to her brand. However, it’s important to note that Sarah Young was known for her reclusive lifestyle and avoidance of in-person interviews and public appearances, so her sources of income were primarily linked to her written works and associated products.

What Happened to Sarah Young?

Sarah Young, the former missionary and renowned author of the widely beloved book “Jesus Calling,” has passed away at the age of 77. While the specific details surrounding her death have not been disclosed in the provided information, her passing is indeed a shocking and saddening news for her readers, admirers, and the Christian community. Sarah Young’s legacy as an author and her significant contributions to Christian literature are likely to endure, as her words continue to inspire and uplift countless individuals around the world.

How did Sarah Young Die?

While it is confirmed that Sarah Young has died at the age of 77, the exact cause or circumstances of her death have not been disclosed. Consequently, the precise details surrounding Sarah Young’s passing remain unknown, leaving her death as a surprising and mournful event for those who admired her work and contributions to Christian literature.

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