Saudi Arabia Crown Prince: We No Longer Interested In “Pleasing” The U.S. | Wayne Dupree

The geopolitical environment currently looks to be somewhat heated. On the one hand, a number of countries have been working together to move away from the US dollar. On the other hand, they are simultaneously assigning responsibility for the macroeconomic crisis. In fact, political figures from all across the world have openly voiced their opposition.

Now, a recent Wall Street Journal investigation revealed that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia recently informed his friends that he is no longer interested in winning over the United States. He even stated that he expects “something in return” for anything he gives to Washington, according to anonymous persons with knowledge of the exchange.

Prince Mohammed Bin Salman has certainly stated his extremist views before. He stated in March 2022 that he didn’t care if Vice President Joe Biden misinterpreted things about him.

In fact, when asked if Biden had misconceptions about the crown prince at the time, he replied, “Simply, I do not care.” He continued by saying that Biden ought to be concentrating on American interests. The prince added, “We don’t have the right to lecture you in America. The same goes the other way, he emphasized.

Just the other day, Saudi Arabia and other significant oil producers announced a series of unexpected reductions from May through the end of the year, amounting to 1.15 million barrels per day. The price of oil could rise as a result of this action. Saudi Arabia is attempting to develop an economic plan independent of the United States, as Watcher Guru previously documented. Therefore, Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s remarks are hardly shocking given the deteriorating ties between Saudi Arabia and the Biden Administration.

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