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As we age, it’s natural for our hair to change color. However, some maintenance is still needed to keep our strands vibrant, especially gray hair.

“Grey hair, specifically hair without pigment, tends to pick up stains from styling products, pollution or hard water,” said Tom Smith, celebrity hairstylist and international color creative director at Evo Hair, previously Good + good. This can cause gray hair to appear yellowish and dull. One way to revive lifeless strands and unwanted yellow tones is to use an anti-yellowing shampoo, and Klorane’s Flash Sale — a shopper favorite for thinning hair and other hair concerns — has just what you need. Best of all, you can save up to 20 percent on purchases over $50 (yay for savings). Hurry though because the sale only lasts until March 27th – use the code SAVEME20 at checkout!.

The product we create? Kloranes Anti-Yellowing Shampoo (now $18). This plant-based shampoo is enriched with botanicals such as Bio-Centaury, an herb with a rich purple pigment that counteracts yellow, brassy and copper tones and keeps gray hair vibrant.

Klorane Anti-Yellow Shampoo

Klorane, anti-yellowing shampoo – $18.00

Originally $22, now $18

Enriched with Centaury and Butylene Glycol, this shampoo has purple hues that counteract yellow, brassy or copper tones while conditioning dried follicles. The result is luscious, bouncy and shiny hair that feels and looks healthy and radiant. Say goodbye to dull and yellow hair once and for all.

The formulation also contains Butylene Glycol – which is great for hydration and moisturizes the scalp, making dandruff and dandruff a thing of the past. Go to the reviews and you’ll find raving comments everywhere. One shopper calls it the “best shampoo for gray or white hair” and says: “I found the all-white version of the anti-yellowing shampoo to be the best, but this new purple shampoo outperforms this product as well as every other purple shampoo on the market!” You can use it every day and it never leaves your hair bluish.”

Another shopper writes, “I thought I would order an anti-yellowing shampoo, but I didn’t know that this shampoo actually improves my hair color!” After just a few uses I’ve already noticed (without even looking for it, mind you) that my hair has a lot less brass and is a really pretty light off-white. I love it.”

As well as anti-yellow shampoos, Klorane’s flash sale is ripe with discounts on other hair care items. From peony-infused shampoos for sensitive scalps to exfoliating masks for flaky scalps, there’s a product for every hair concern. Find the best Klorane sale products ahead of time and act quickly before items sell out. After all, Klorane is a shopper favorite.

Klorane Soothing Shampoo with Peony

Klorane, Soothing Shampoo with Peony – $19.00

Originally $24, now $19

For those with sensitive scalps, Klorane’s Soothing Shampoo offers the ultimate in itch relief. The peony extract maintains the correct pH and relieves discomfort. Best of all: It has been dermatologically tested and consists of 85 percent natural ingredients.

klorane strengthening shampoo with quinine and edelweiss

Klorane Strengthening Shampoo with Quinine and Edelweiss – $19.00

Originally $24, now $19

If you suffer from thinning hair, you cannot miss Klorane’s Strengthening Shampoo. Formulated with quinine, edelweiss and caffeine, this blend stimulates hair growth and nourishes weak hair. Your hair will look more vibrant after a shower – but you’ll see the full results (fuller, stronger strands) after at least two weeks.

klorane strengthening conditioner with quinine and edelweiss

Klorane Strengthening Conditioner with Quinine and Edelweiss – $19.00

Originally $24, now $19

Complete the shampoo with the quinine and edelweiss conditioner, which strengthens the hair fibers, prevents hair breakage and detangles tornado hair. It’s recommended to apply conditioner after shampoo and leave it on for two to three minutes for silky smooth hair (and strands that are easier to brush through after washing).

Klorane Exfoliating Mask with Galangal for Scaly Scalp

Klorane, peeling mask with galangal for scaly mask – $19.00

Originally $24, now $19

Flaky hair can be difficult to manage, but the Klorane Exfoliating Mask makes things easier. Galangal – a key ingredient in the scrub – has been shown to remove dandruff, while white clay soothes irritation. It is packaged in a sachet for easy use; All you have to do is add water to turn the powder formula into a creamy foam.

klorane soothing scalp serum with peony

Klorane Calming Scalp Serum with Peony – $19.00

Originally $24, now $19

Klorane’s Soothing Scalp Serum provides comfort for sensitive, dry and itchy scalps. What makes this product so great for dry scalps is in the peony, which suppresses signs of irritation or inflammation. It comes in a spray bottle and you simply spray onto towel dried or dry hair and massage the formula into your scalp (it feels so good). You should see results in about seven days.

klorane cleansing shampoo with citrus fruits

Klorane Citrus Purifying Shampoo – $18.00

Originally $22, now $18

Dry shampoo buildup still stuck in your hair? This purifying citrus shampoo will rid your hair of worry and dirt. It is formulated with citrus pulp and lactic acid to gently exfoliate the scalp and detoxify build-up. Clean, lush strands, “hair”, here we come!

Our editors independently select these products. By making a purchase through our links, Well+Good may earn a commission.

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