Saving prairies by selling them, three leverage points for climate protection, Hawaii starts free preschools

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In today’s edition of Squirrel News, we have conservationists selling US grasslands to save them, three leverage points governments can use to fast-track decarbonization and Hawaii’s plan to make preschool free for all 3-4-year-olds.

Conservationists preserve prairies by selling them—with a condition

Oregon ranchers are buying prairie grasslands from conservationists with the contractual agreement to never develop the land, leaving the ecosystem pristine and intact.

Source: Reasons to be cheerful

Three ‘super-leverage points’ to save the climate

A new report details three ways governments can speed up decarbonisation, including bans on internal combustion vehicle sales, the use of green ammonia and alternative sources of protein.

Source: Phys

Hawaii makes preschool available for all pre-K children in the state

The island state plans to publicly fund preschool for an additional 9,200 children, in a bid to help all 3-4 year-olds have access to these programs.

Source: The Associated Press

Finnish free period product pilot program a success

A test-free period product programme, involving nearly 800 students, has been deemed a success in Helsinki. 6-9th graders, who got free products were less likely to skip class, the program found.

Source: Yle

A nasal study may lead to Covid-19 stopping products

Research from Stanford and UC-San Francisco may help pharmaceutical companies develop a nasal spray that can prevent Covid-19 and other SARS viruses.

Source: Freethink

World’s first hydrogen-electric plane has successful test flight

This 19-seater plane, developed by ZeroAvia, utilizes a hydrogen-electric engine, which is a carbon-zero fuel source. The company plans to develop a ‘true carbon zero’ plane by 2050.

Source: Fast Company

Airborne wind energy is finally ready for lift-off

After 15 years of trial-and-error conceptual development, airborne wind energy finally looks set to take its seat at the net-zero table.

Source: Energy Monitor

An Indian startup cleaning rivers and producing vegan leather

Every year, the Ganges river gets clogged with discarded flowers. Now a Kanpur-based startup called Phool is cleaning the river and recycling the flowers into vegan leather.

Source: BBC

All-woman Somali news outlet helps spread stories of the marginalized

Bilan, Somalia’s first all-female news outlet is working to change the African countries media landscape, through stories on HIV and the effect of climate change on women.

Source: Christian Science Monitor

Reciprocal water agreement scheme protects Bolivia rainforests

A Bolivian program that gives financial incentives to farmers who protect water-producing forests, has been found to help preserve 3.4 million hectares of rainforest. Now similar schemes are spreading to Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Mexico.

Source: Monga Bay

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