“Saying that a 50-year-old woman can’t have long hair is bullshit”

Comedian criticizes ageism, reveals details of the fight against cancer, cites longing for his smile and shares new projects

April 13
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Heloísa Périssé mentions maturation processes

Heloísa Périssé mentions maturation processes

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At the age of 56, comedian, actress and author Heloísa Périssé shares her maturing process with good humor: “I don’t grow old, I update”. The artist guaranteed that “the woman of 50 today is the one of 30 in energy”, reinforcing the broth of the famous people who condemn ageism, in an interview with the newspaper “O Globo” published this Thursday (13).

“This story that a woman over 50 can’t have long hair or whatever after 50 is pure nonsense”, she says.

Périssé also told more details of her fight against cancer, a rare type in the salivary glands discovered in 2019. After 33 sessions, a period of isolation that began before the pandemic and the feeling of imminent death, today the actress is cured. “I finished the treatment in shambles, as if I had been run over by a manta ray”.

control is ego

But the fight against cancer made Périssé face life with more courage: “When we lose the fear of losing, that’s when life happens. Because fear is a parasite. That’s why I let my son fuck himself a little . I stay in the background, but I let it. I raise my daughters so I can die peacefully. Control is ego, it’s illusion, it’s what brings suffering. When you go against it, it creates an opposing force, but when you harmonize, things fall into place that she has to go.”

The cancer left irreversible marks on the body of the actress, who lost movement in her mouth, leaving her with a crooked smile. “He had a very open and beautiful smile. I miss him. Now, I want to start saying goodbye in front of the cameras, the stage and start writing my stories, directing, who knows?”, he projected.

Turning shit into compost

And speaking of stages… the comedian decided to turn “shit into fertilizer” – Heloísa’s own words – and convert the process of suffering into inspiration. collaboration with Alex Lerner, at Teatro XP, at the Jockey Club in Rio de Janeiro.

In the spotlight of the stage, she will play Tia Doro, daughter of a psychic mother who invented “curomancy”, a kind of therapy that reads people’s anuses instead of tarot or birth charts. Heloísa will be directed by her husband Mauro Farias, with whom she has been with for over 20 years.

“If they ask me if I’m heterosexual or homosexual, I answer: ‘I’m Maurosexual.’ Focused on him. Now that I’m back on my hormone replacement… I think the Farias are good at it, because I’m fine, Andréa Beltrão (married to Maurício Farias) is fine, Paula Toller (with Lui Farias) is a phenomenon to be studied”, joked the actress.

New projects

Apart from the play, Heloísa Périssé premiered the third season of “Cine Holliúdy” on the 27th and is on the air participating in “Dance of the famous”. Her next project, the dramatic film “Ágape” is also in production.

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