Scammers’ audios indicate that the CPI will be a tragedy for Bolsonarism

Allies of Jair Bolsonaro managed to approve a CPMI of the Coup to try to convince public opinion that the blame for the attack on Brasilia, on January 8, belonged to the victims. Could it be that they did not count on the number of embarrassing revelations that will be released during the work of the commission by the investigation of the Federal Police under the supervision of Alexandre de Moraes, showing that Bolsonarism diligently planned the overthrow of the Republic?

Recently, we witnessed conversations about a coup d’état between former Major Ailton Barros, a friend of Bolsonaro, and the then president’s handyman, Lieutenant Colonel Mauro Cid. Both are arrested and with their cell phones seized in the midst of the operation that investigates fraud in vaccination data. On social media, Jair’s allies tried to play it down, saying that Barros was a loudmouth.

Now, the story escalates several steps by involving reserve colonel Élcio Franco, a government trusted man, who was placed as executive secretary of the Ministry of Health to help General Eduardo Pazuello.

Both coordinated the public health sabotage that was the work of the folder, allowing the death of thousands of people during the pandemic. His name appeared on the Covid CPI not only for accusations of deliberate delay in purchasing vaccines, but also for overbilling permission.

Franco and Barros discussed via audio the possibilities for a coup d’état, including the mobilization of 1,500 soldiers, the arrest of Minister Alexandre de Moraes, of the Federal Supreme Court, the fear of the Army commander in supporting the act of insurrection and the chance of Bolsonaro being arrested. The conversations, which are part of the audio found on the seized cell phones, were released by CNN Brasil.

“The Freire [Gomes, comandante do Exército na época] will not. You won’t expect him to take the lead in this matter, but he can’t stop taking the order. He’ll say, die standing together, because he’s showing it. He’s afraid of the consequences, man. Fear of consequences is what? Did he inflate? What was his advice? He’s going for the worst case scenario. And what, what is the worst case?”, said Franco in one of the moments.

In another, Barros says: “This shitty high command. that doesn’t want to do shit, we need to convince the commander of the Special Operations Brigade of Goiânia to arrest Alexandre de Moraes. We are going to organize, develop, instruct and equip 1,500 men” .

With the conversation between these three soldiers close to Jair, the evidence is getting closer to him, who fomented an attempted coup d’état for years to now try to outsource responsibilities. It becomes, therefore, impossible to deny that a group of soldiers tried to perpetuate Bolsonaro in power – which, let’s face it, is extremely embarrassing for the Armed Forces.

Incidentally, the military will have to demonstrate a lot in the CPI of the Coup. Videos of the internal circuit of the Planalto Palace, captured during the Bolsonarist invasion of January 8, point out that a group of them that was there at the time of the riot was weak or a coup. They talked, laughed, checked their cell phones, served water to the invaders, helped criminals to escape without giving notice of arrest.

In one of the recordings, released after an order from the Federal Supreme Court, about ten of them, crowded in the Institutional Security Office (GSI), rested in the annex of the Palace, while the horde destroyed the main building. They must have filled the former leader, General Augusto Heleno, with pride – who should be summoned along with General Gonçalves Dias, appointed by Lula, who apparently did not command his own troops.

And after the invasion of the headquarters of the Three Powers, the Army prevented the entry of the Military Police to arrest coup leaders in the camp in front of the HQ. With that, many Bolsonaristas had time to flee. The then army commander, General Júlio César de Arruda, told Lula that there would be a bloodbath if the PM entered. Faced with this blackmail, the president relented.

And long before the hordes vandalized the Planalto Palace, the Congress and the STF, on January 8, even before the road closures to try to avoid Lula’s inauguration (which took place under the blind eye of part of the Federal Highway Police), The first coup attempt was carried out on October 30, when the PRF, under the orders of the then Minister of Justice Anderson Torres, created blockades that made it difficult for voters to travel, mainly in the Northeast. Where the petista had a majority.

A Federal Police inquiry into the case points out that the intelligence sector of the Ministry of Justice carried out a survey of the places where the PT candidate was most voted to subsidize road blocks in the second round. Not only that, but Torres traveled to Bahia to ask the local PF superintendence to support the PRF’s action. In testimony, this Monday (8), he denied the joint action of the two institutions and the use of the survey to disrupt the vote.

As Secretary of Public Security for the Federal District, Torres left the policing structure of the Esplanada dos Ministérios loose and traveled to the United States. The PM, due to his decisions, was unable to contain the coup plotters. After that, a document of a scammer nature appeared in the closet of his house. It gave authority to the military to run over the Superior Electoral Court and spoil the elections.

Unfortunately for Bolsonarism, both the STF and the Federal Police are committed to discovering those who planned the coup. As its actions are much more advanced than the CPI, which has not yet started work, it runs the risk of the commission being guided by the decisions of Alexandre de Moraes and the PF operations or by the content to be shared by both. The Lula government, which tried to avoid the creation of the commission, is now preparing to use it to publicly undress the former president.

They’ll deny it to death, but there must be people in Congress grinding their teeth with regret.

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