Scarlet Witch And Loki’s Spicy Romance Heats Up In Marvel Preview

In our unlettered first look at “Scarlet Witch” #8, Scarlet Witch shows off her powers to the trickster god. We see Loki on this throne bemused with Wanda’s visit.

In a second preview page, Scarlet Witch uses her powers to fight off a group of attackers.

But from here, things get spicy for Scarlet Witch and Loki. In the following preview page, we see The God of Stories and her dance closely. The initial tease of this upcoming issue featured the tagline: “This September, Wanda and Loki fall under each other’s spell as mischief and chaos collide.” This means it’s possible that events here might not be as they appear. Maybe it’s Wanda’s magic causing Loki to fall for Scarlet Witch or vice versa?

The dance moves eventually lead Loki to pull Scarlet Witch close to him. The two stare deep into each other’s eyes while their lips almost touch. Wanda and Loki close their eyes and lean in for a kiss … but the preview ends before the reveal of whether or not the two characters embrace.

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