School alert systems, cheaper childcare in New Zealand, blind women detecting breast cancer

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In today’s edition of Squirrel News, a school alert system helps mental health and security, New Zealand expands free childcare and blind women help detect breast cancer in India.

Anonymous Alert system helps students and staff at schools in Georgia

An anonymous platform to share concerns, suspicious activity and other issues has been implemented in schools in Oglethorpe County, as a method to help students with mental health and safety.

Source: The Oglethorpe Echo

New Zealand to give more free childcare, free prescriptions

In an attempt to help citizens and residents deal with the increasing cost of living, the government of New Zealand has announced sweeping plans to provide multiple new benefits. Highlights include more free childcare, removing the cost of prescriptions and more infrastructure spending.

Source: stuff

EPA finally wakes up with stiff new climate rules: ‘They’ve hit full throttle’

A slew of anti-pollution, from toxic water to planet-heating emissions has been issued by an agency believed to be flexing its muscles.

Source: The Guardian

Incentivising land restorations brings cost-efficiency environmental benefits

Across Latin America, governments paid landowners to conserve forests instead of utilizing them for crops. The result was a cost-effective alternative to traditional preservation.

Source: Enesia

Oyster reef reforestation shows promise

Oysters help recycle nitrogen in the water, which improves the health of the whole ecosystem. Now Oyster restoration programs are finding some success in boosting their numbers, but only if given enough time.

Source: Monga Bay

Seniors fight climate change to preserve the world for grandkids

Climate Action Now! is just one of many senior-led climate advocacy movements that demand an end to fossil fuels. The organizers and members cite concern for the world after they pass as a driving motivation.

Source: CBC

Missouri uses outdoor classes to teach science

The Nature Knights program helps children understand conservation and the natural world by holding school classes outside in forests and meadows.

Source: Christian Science Monitor

Utilizing Beaver designs, scientists preserve watersheds

The National Forest Foundation in Colorado builds small dams based on designs learned from beavers to help local river ecosystems. They function as speed bumps, helping plants grow.

Source: Christian Science Monitor

Mexican farmers using agroforestry to produce sustainable coffee

Indigenous farmers in Oaxaca utilize agroforestry, which surrounds the “crop” with other plants to build a more resilient ecosystem. The result is coffee with a steady price.

Source: Unbias the News

Blind women help detect breast cancer

Medical Tactile Examiners is the name given to a group of blind women in India who help detect breast cancer using their hands. They have a higher success rate than non-blind doctors.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful

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