School attacks send students and parents into panic – 04/11/2023

The series of attacks and threats of attacks on schools has parents and students in panic. It is past time for our authorities to really stop practicing the opportunism to which they are addicted to taking something seriously.

If you have children, you already know the frisson that the mothers’ WhatsApp group has become. Fear is always the worst adviser and, from the cases I’ve witnessed, it seems to be the only one.

Every complex problem has a simple and wrong solution, says a phrase that populates national politics. There are already buckets of this type of solution for the social scourge that we are just beginning to know.

My son is 11 years old. He and his friends are spending recess looking for and practicing escape routes in case someone comes armed. If you have kids, you’ve probably heard the same story. It’s one of the most painful things to imagine that, for his generation, that’s what school is all about.

Among parents, many are concerned about the need to teach children about the dangers of the internet. Honestly, maybe adults need classes much more, especially in the serious moment we live in.

I know people who have children and, at that point in the championship, they don’t know what Taucci worshipers are, the meaning of the skull mask, the representation of April 20th, the socialization around massacre edits. It’s something they should learn for yesterday, part of the world their children live in and basic information to try to understand this hell we’ve gotten ourselves into as a society.

Today I was appalled that bullying and chaos opportunists have been successful in using school massacres to engage. Worse than that, they take the opportunity to misinform and spread panic, obviously pretending to fight against hate speech. A hashtag was uploaded to say that Twitter is colluding with massacres.

People who are uninformed about the digital world, impressionable or emotionally unstable fall into this easily. They start to think that a social network has been colluding with this type of content and that its presence on the networks can effectively be controlled.

Such content has been on all open networks for a long time, both explicitly and covertly. Having better rules could help.? It could, but the problem is not the network, it is a society that has trivialized dehumanization and has produced young people for whom life makes little sense.

My friend Deni Getschko, the father of the Brazilian internet, has an excellent quote about this attempt at emotional comfort that is to blame the internet for everything. “The internet has enabled a vision of society, it is a mirror of society. We are going to be more clear about human actions that were perhaps less visible before. If you look at that mirror and don’t like it, breaking the mirror does not solve it. check what is broken and what can be fixed. I say this because in general the repair tools we have predate the digital world and do not take into account some characteristics of the internet”.

The networks may have accelerated the tragedy, but school massacres only occur in sick societies, which have trivialized dehumanization. The other is not a human being, whose dignity is inherent to existence and non-negotiable. It always depends.

We are not talking about principles, we are talking about people. If you are from the opposite political group, you can bully, harass, threaten, ridicule, resign. We have legitimized this type of behavior in the public scene while people are concerned with censoring standup shows.

Faced with such a complex reality, there were scoundrels politicizing the issue. First, the left put it on the account of Bolsonarism. Now the Brazilian right, eternal vanguard of backwardness, says that it was Lula coming to power for this hell to begin.

Children don’t matter, parents don’t matter, country doesn’t matter, horror doesn’t move. They’re not people, they’re narratives used to flatter the pet politician and justify stoning people you don’t like.

It’s not the games, the networks, the internet. We are the ones who need solid principles and values, which do not change depending on the interlocutor. The wonder of the internet is that it gives us exactly what we ask for. This is also the biggest disgrace of the internet, giving us exactly what we ask for.

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