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According to a 3News report, a boat transporting mourners from Azizanya to Azizakpe on The Volata Lake Has capsized.

While a rescue effort Is underway to save The remaining passengers, five of The over 20 passengers on board Have been verified dead. Daniel Adzakpa, an assemblyman from The Azizakpe Electoral Area, verified The catastrophe to

He claimed that The canoe capsized on Saturday morning during a storm as it was transporting mourners to an Azizakpe funeral. The assemblyman estimated that The skiff should Have held about 25 people, but he saw that there were More.

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“The boat was overloaded,” he stated on TV3‘s Midday Live on Saturday, March 18. As The rescue operation was being carried out, hundreds of residents, including other mourners, were seen praying for good tidings.

The locals, who were mainly women, were praying aloud on The riverbanks for The missing people to be discovered.

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