Sea of Thieves the Journey to Melee Island Walkthrough

Sea Of Thieves The Journey To Melee Island Walkthrough

  • Getting Started:

    • Create a pirate character and choose a ship type (sloop for solo or duo players, or galleon for larger crews).
    • Once in the game, you’ll find yourself on an outpost. Interact with NPCs to learn the basics of the game, such as buying voyages (quests) and managing your ship.
  • Voyages and Quests:

    • Visit the various trading companies (Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls, and Merchant Alliance) on different outposts to acquire voyages.
    • Voyages will send you on quests to find buried treasure, defeat skeletons, or transport cargo across the seas.
  • Sailing and Navigating:

    • Learn how to raise and lower sails, drop anchor, and steer the ship. Teamwork is crucial for efficient sailing.
    • Use the ship’s map table and compass to navigate to different islands.
  • Exploration and Treasure Hunting:

    • Visit islands indicated on your voyage to dig up buried treasure using a shovel.
    • Watch out for skeletons guarding the treasures and other players who may try to steal from you.
  • Combat:

    • Combat often involves fighting skeletons, but you may also engage in ship-to-ship battles with other players.
    • Use cannons and firearms to defeat enemies.
  • Pirate Life:

    • Keep an eye on your resources, such as cannonballs, planks, and bananas. You’ll find supplies on islands or floating barrels in the water.
    • Manage your ship’s condition by repairing any damage it sustains.
  • Kraken and Megalodon:

    • Occasionally, you may encounter the Kraken or Megalodon during your journeys. These are formidable foes that require cooperation to defeat.
  • Alliance and Interaction:

    • You can form alliances with other ships and share rewards.
    • However, be cautious as alliances can also lead to betrayal.
  • Pirate Legends:

    • As you gain reputation and complete various voyages, you’ll progress towards becoming a Pirate Legend. This unlocks additional content and rewards.

Sea of Thieves The Journey to Melee Island Tall Tale Guide

  • Visit the Tall Tales Table:

  • Head to any outpost in the game and look for the Tall Tales Table (usually located near the Order of Souls tent or building).
  • Choose a Tall Tale:

  • Interact with the Tall Tales Table to browse through the available Tall Tales. Each Tall Tale has its own story and objectives.
  • Embark on the Adventure:

  • Once you’ve selected a Tall Tale, vote for it on the table with your crew to start the quest.
  • Follow the Story:

  • Pay attention to the narrative clues and dialogue throughout the Tall Tale. Explore islands, solve puzzles, and overcome challenges to progress the story.
  • Cooperate with Your Crew:

  • Tall Tales often require teamwork and coordination. Work together with your crew to solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and complete the quest.
  • Collecting and Reading Journals:

  • Some Tall Tales may involve finding and reading journals scattered throughout the world. These journals provide additional backstory and hints to progress.
  • Persist Through Challenges:

  • Some Tall Tales may be more challenging than regular voyages. Be patient and persistent, as the rewards and story progression can be well worth the effort.
  • Complete the Tale:

  • Reach the end of the Tall Tale to uncover its conclusion and receive unique rewards.


How do you Free Otis in Sea of Thieves?

To rescue Otis in Sea of Thieves, players must use Gunpowder Gummies and Gunpowder Fuses to explode the lock on his jail cell. Players can get the Gunpowder Gummies by defeating enemies on the island, and the Gunpowder Fuses can be found nearby, hidden amidst the rocks and foliage. Once players have both items, they need to carefully plan their approach and navigate through any remaining threats to reach Otis’ cell.

With the Gunpowder Gummies in hand, they must place them strategically near the lock on Otis’ cell, ensuring they are out of harm’s way when the explosion occurs. It’s a tense moment as they light the fuse and hastily retreat, watching the seconds tick down. The explosion reverberates through the area, and the lock shatters under the force, freeing Otis at last. As the smoke clears, a sense of triumph washes over the players, and they can now escort Otis to safety, ready to continue their daring journey through “The Journey to Melee Island” Tall Tale.

Sea of Thieves ( Game )

Sea of Thieves, a 2018 action-adventure game developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios, takes players on a thrilling pirate adventure. Set in an open world, players assume the role of pirates completing voyages from different trading companies, and exploring the seas via a pirate ship. The game encourages player interactions, with groups forming alliances or engaging in head-to-head battles.

Inspired by players’ creativity in other PC games, Rare chose a pirate theme, drawing influence from Pirates of the Caribbean and The Goonies. Although initially receiving mixed reviews, continuous content updates turned it into a successful “game as a service,” gaining over 30 million players and becoming Microsoft’s top original intellectual property.

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