Second skin for buildings, shark protection treaty, zero food waste in South Korea

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, a Berlin startup gives new life to old buildings, a landmark treaty aims to save sharks from extinction, and South Korea shows us how to cut down on food waste.

Berlin startup gives buildings eco-friendly facelift to save energy costs

In a nod to calls for energy-efficient buildings, Ecoworks is making use of renewable resources to save about 70% to 80% of energy costs. The startup boasts of providing affordable renovations and fast construction.

Source: Reuters

Shark fin trade regulated at last in landmark decision

The ruling at a major conference finally takes major steps to address wildlife overfishing and lack of regulation that has been pushing sharks to extinction.

Source: The Guardian

Historic COP27 deal to compensate countries vulnerable to climate disasters

The agreement reached at the climate summit in Egypt was ‘a step towards justice,’ according to the UN Secretary-General. It has been agreed that a fund will be established to assist poor nations with climate-related loss and damage.

Source: Bloomberg

South Korea has almost zero food waste. Here’s what the US can learn

In the US, most food waste ends up in landfills while South Korea recycles close to 100% annually, and its model could illustrate some core principles.

Source: The Guardian

Barnard College in NYC to provide abortion medication to students

Amidst a challenging period for reproductive rights in the US, a college in New York City becomes a safe haven for students. Barnard College joins educational institutions that provide abortion pills.

Source: Prism

Wildlife crossings built with tribal knowledge drastically reduce collisions

Previously known as one of Montana’s most dangerous roads, Highway 93 was upgraded to include 42 wildlife crossings that were built based on Indigenous traditional knowledge and values.

Source: Monga Bay

Construction of 100 3D-printed homes in Texas underground

Icon is building a neighborhood of 3D-printed homes as an innovative response to the housing crisis. The construction company has built homes for families in extreme poverty in Mexico and Austin.

Source: New Atlas

Fellowship, grow-your-own programs reflect increased teacher diversity

When schools forgo conventional methods of teacher training, such as the residency model, they are better able to recruit and keep excellent educators and foster diversity.

Source: The 74

African refugees get access to education, livelihood thanks to renewable energy

Access to solar-powered internet in Kenya’s Kakuma refugee camp gives families the option of virtually leaving the camp and pursuing jobs worldwide.

Source: Context

“It’s Toodei; how was your day today?”

Dozens of Nigerians turn to Toosdei Space to alleviate daily stress. The platform also aptly does a great job of making people look forward to Tuesdays.

Source: Prime Progress

Urban farms offer a fresh perspective on managing kitchen waste and nurturing a community

Urban farms in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru show how urban spaces like homes and institutions can be used for growing organic vegetables as well as for building a community around them.

Source: Mongabay-India

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