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Adult Swim has released a long scene from the highly anticipated adaptation of Junji Ito’s classic manga “Uzumaki”. The preview shows how the adaptation preserves the style of the manga, which is a horror masterpiece, featuring black and white artwork.

The scene introduces the spooky town of Kurouzu-cho. The story begins with Shuichi Saito revealing to his girlfriend, Kirie Goshima, the bizarre events taking place there and begging her to accompany him away from there. “Don’t you see it? Whirlpools are always appearing in the creek. Even the wind is being affected. Lately, these whirlpools are a constant. I think this town is doing something to my dad,” he says, before revealing his dad’s bizarre behavior.

the spiraling curse

“Uzumaki” is a narrative that revolves around Kirie, a high school student who lives in Kurouzu-cho, a Japanese coastal town. Kirie and her boyfriend Shuichi stumble upon a spiraling curse haunting the town, physically and mentally affecting its inhabitants, while fueling a mass obsession with spirals.

Jason DeMarco, Creative Director of Adult Swim, shared his excitement about the opportunity to adapt one of Junji Ito’s most iconic works and the importance of assembling a team of dedicated creators to preserve the essence of the classic. In his words: “As a huge fan of Junji Ito, I am thrilled to be able to handle one of his most defining works, with a team of incredible creators who are equally dedicated to doing justice to this monumental work of horror manga.”


In addition to manga, “Uzumaki” has also excelled in other forms of media. It was adapted into two video games and inspired a live-action film directed by Higunchinsky in 2000.

The news that “Uzumaki” would finally be made into an anime caused a stir at Crunchyroll Expo 2019. The teams at Drive and Akatsuki studios teamed up on this project, with support from Production IG USA and Adult Swim’s Williams Street.

The direction was in charge of Hiroshi Nagahama, known for works like “Mushishi”, “Detroit Metal City” and “The Flowers of Evil”, while the terrifying soundtrack was composed by Colin Stetson, responsible for the horror score “Hereditary”.

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