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Yesterday, Record promoted a day of layoffs in journalism, as happened recently with Globo. This columnist from splash discovered that shutdowns took place in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and that others are expected during the week.

Sought after, the station released a note stating that it is going through a “period of reformulation of its investments” and that the shutdowns “were necessary, but with respect to the human being above all, to the laws and labor rules”.

At Record Rio, three prominent names have been turned off so far: Sylvestre Serrano, Adriana Oliveira and Adriana Rezende.

In exclusive talk, Adriana Rezende, who had been with Record for 25 years, confirmed the dismissal and said that the justification given to reporters was “restructuring”.

No regrets on my part. They would be doing away with the role of special reporter that was my job. Restructuring. That was the justification.

Also on the list of fired from Record are the names of Grego Georgios Theodorakopoulos, who had been at Record for 14 years and worked as a Sports manager, and Luiz Matos, Canário, another executive.

Patrícia Costa, presenter with more than 16 years at the station, and Carmen Farão, coordinator of multiplatform products, were also disconnected.

According to this columnist’s sources, more than 150 dismissals are expected throughout the week at Record. Still according to sources, the shutdowns are part of a restructuring that the broadcaster needs to do to escape the financial crisis.

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