See which countries were mentioned by the Pope in blessing

As in every Holy Week, wars were at the center of speeches

Pope Francis performed the traditional Urbi et Orbi blessing this Sunday (9), the date on which Catholics celebrate Easter, and once again asked for peace in the world affected by several wars.

In all, 17 countries and the Palestinian people were mentioned during the prayer.

– Ukraine and Russia: “Help the beloved Ukrainian people on the path towards peace, and spread the Easter light on the Russian people.

It comforts the wounded and those who have lost loved ones because of the war, and ensures that prisoners can return safely to their families.”

– Syria and Turkey: “It opens the heart of the entire international community to act to end this war [da Ucrânia] and all the conflicts that shed blood in the world, starting with Syria, which is still waiting for peace,” he said.

Shortly afterwards, he requested support “for countries affected by the violent earthquake in Turkey and in Syria itself”. “Let us pray for those who have lost family and friends and are left homeless: that they may receive comfort from God and help from the families of nations,” he added.

– Israel and Palestinians: “This day we entrust to you Lord the city of Jerusalem, the first witness of your resurrection.

I express deep concern about the attacks of recent days that threaten the climate of trust and mutual respect, necessary to resume dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians, once peace reigns in the Holy City and in the entire region”.

– Tunisia: “Do not forget the dear people of Tunisia, in particular the young people and those who suffer because of social and economic problems so that they do not lose hope and collaborate in building a future of peace and fraternity”.

– Haiti: “Turn your face towards Haiti, which has been suffering for several years from a serious socio-political and humanitarian crisis, and support the commitment of political actors and the international community in the search for a definitive solution to the many problems that afflict that such a troubled population”.

– Ethiopia, South Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo: “Consolidate the peace and reconciliation processes undertaken in Ethiopia and South Sudan, and bring an end to violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo”.

– Nicaragua and Eritrea: “Support, Lord, the Christian communities that today celebrate Easter in particular circumstances, as in Nicaragua and Eritrea, and remember all those who are prevented from freely and publicly professing their faith”.

– Burkina Faso, Mali, Mozambique and Nigeria: “It provides comfort to victims of international terrorism, especially in Burkina Faso, Mali, Mozambique and Nigeria”.

– Myanmar: “Help Myanmar to walk the paths of peace and enlighten the hearts of those responsible for the martyred Rohingyas to find justice”. .

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