Sergio Moro destroyed Lava Jato and is now a victim of his own poison – 04/16/2023

Senator and former judge Sergio Moro is complaining about the disclosure “out of context” of a video in which he apparently suggests that Minister Gilmar Mendes, of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), agrees to sell habeas corpus.

It is not possible to know what the context of the video would be, nor how it would redeem Moro from the light gesture. But most likely the recording is really out of context.

Videos and audio recordings published in the media, in general, are clippings of the whole. Most of the time, therefore and by definition, out of context.

As well as that audio allegedly leaked by the then judge and head of Operation Lava Jato, in which the then President of the Republic, Dilma Rousseff, spoke with Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, whom she invited to take over as minister and political articulator of her government.

There was a conviction among Dilma’s allies and opponents that Lula, as a minister, could get rid of the imminent arrest and act together with politicians in Congress to block the approval of the impeachment of the President of the Republic.

Dilma and the former president (now released and again elected and sworn in) argued that the audio was out of context.

Due to the commotion created in the media with the conversation, Minister Gilmar Mendes and the STF itself barred Lula’s inauguration. This prevented him from having the right to a privileged forum, and his process from migrating to the STF. Everything continued in the hands of Sérgio Moro in Curitiba.

Operation Vaza Jato, which later revealed the backstage of Lava Jato, showed how much Moro and prosecutors led by Deltan Dallagnol articulated together, combining ways to ensnare Lula in order to judge him guilty and arrest him.

Gilmar Mendes himself, outraged at having been used with the audio leak, led the protests against Sergio Moro’s performance in court, which led the then judge to be considered a suspect.

Consequently, Lava Jato, commanded by Moro, ended up turning into a pumpkin. The judge he was declared suspicious. He ended up destroying his work, although he still used what was left of the Lava Jato positive in the popular image to get elected senator.

Behold, this video of Moro now appears, apparently committing a light gesture against Gilmar Mendes. You can’t stop thinking about that old saying: “Who with iron hurts, with iron will be hurt”.

Moro, who knew, ended up a victim of the poison he used to hurt Lula and which also destroyed Operation Lava Jato.

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