serious accident on district road 1654 – Stuttgart Journal

Eberdingen: serious accident on district road 1654 – Stuttgart Journal

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On Tuesday, around 2:30 p.m., an accident occurred on district road 1654, which runs between the K 1688 coming from Eberdingen and the K 1653 coming from Hemmingen, in which a car overturned. A 68-year-old Toyota driver drove on the district road coming from Eberdingen and wanted to turn left onto a dirt road. The driver probably overlooked the Kia of an oncoming 46-year-old.

The force of the impact caused the Kia to roll over and land on its roof. A dog that was in the Toyota ran away. Luckily he was recaptured. The 68-year-old and the 46-year-old woman suffered injuries. The severity is not known at this time. Both people were taken to hospitals by paramedics. The vehicles are no longer roadworthy and must be towed away. The resulting property damage is likely to total around 9,000 euros. In the course of the accident recording, the K 1654 had to be completely blocked. The lockdown is still ongoing. The Eberdingen volunteer fire brigade is on site with one vehicle and five emergency services. (pol/gm)

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