Serious accident: truck driver falls asleep and crashes into construction vehicle – three injured

On Monday morning there was a serious traffic accident on the A261 between Hamburg Marmstorf (Harburg district) and Tötensen. A truck driver drove his vehicle into a construction vehicle. Three people were injured, one seriously.

The accident happened around 10:50 a.m. on Monday morning on the A261 towards Bremen. The construction vehicle drove slowly on the hard shoulder. As the truck driver (44) later reported himself, he fell asleep on the handlebars. This was confirmed by a police spokesman for MOPO.

Harburg: truck driver falls asleep – and is seriously injured

The truck driver was seriously injured in the accident. He had to go to the hospital. The two people in the construction vehicle escaped with minor injuries.

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Both vehicles were totaled. The debris spread far across the road. The route towards Bremen was completely closed for 90 minutes. (vd)

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