Serious suspicion of corruption: Investigations against China’s football association

The corruption scandal surrounding the Chinese Football Association (CFA) is spreading.

The state-run Xinhua News Agency reported on Saturday that the director of the association’s technology department, Tan Hai, and the director of the department of strategic planning, Qi Jun, have been opened investigations for “alleged serious violations of party discipline and laws.” This describes most allegations of corruption in China.

CFA: Xi Jinping wants to make China a soccer nation

In February, an investigation was launched against the President of the Chinese Football Association, Chen Xuyuan, on the same grounds. A good month later, investigations were carried out into high-ranking officials Wang Xiaoping and Huang Song.

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Head of state and party leader Xi Jinping is a fan himself and wants to make China a great soccer nation. So far, China has only qualified once for a World Cup. Chinese football is repeatedly confronted with allegations of corruption. (aw/dpa)

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