Shanna Moakler remembers her late mother at the Mother’s Day celebration

Shanna Moakler celebrated her first Mother’s Day without her mother Gail.

The former Miss USA held a somber celebration as she shared numerous social media updates paying tribute to her mother, who passed away at the age of 77. She had announced the matriarch’s death earlier in the year, honoring their good relationship and praising Gail for being “love, kind and supportive” while also being her best friend.

Shanna Moakler remembered her mother on Mother’s Day

Shanna Moakler remembers her late mother at the Mother's Day celebration
Instagram | Shanna Moakler

Over the years, Shanna’s 396,000 followers have grown accustomed to her paying the cutest tribute to her mother on Mother’s Day. And this year was no different, even though she broke the news of the elder Moakler’s death in January.

The mother-of-three began with a throwback picture of her and younger Gail grinning for the camera, with the words “Happy Mother’s Day” colorfully emblazoned at the top of the Instagram Story update. She then posted a vintage photo This showed her mother throwing her in the air next to what appeared to be a makeshift bridge.

The late mother-of-three rolled up her jeans and paired them with a black top with white sleeves and collar. Little Shanna wore sleeveless dungarees and beamed in the aptly titled Happy Mother’s Day post.

“Lovely memories for two very beautiful women! She is now your personal “angel” 🕊️,” one fan promptly posted in the comments section. A second person typed, “Sending hugs which I think is a difficult first mom without your biggest fan,” and a third person added, “Sending you so much love and hugs on this day!!! you and you are [sic] Mother is so beautiful!”

“Stay strong Shanna, you deserve to celebrate today. It’s your day too,” wrote a fourth Instagram user. Amid the empathetic reaction, Shanna took to her Instagram Story to add even more updates, this time highlighting her daughter Atiana De La Hoya’s tribute to her grandmother.

In the first repostDecember 2001 Playboy Playmate of the Month faces a younger Atiana pointing at the camera. The photo, which also includes the mother-daughter duo posing in front of a piano, was captioned, “Happy Mother’s Day beautiful mom.”

She then reposted The Kardashians star’s next story, which was about the grandmother’s three generations [Gail]Mother [Shanna]and granddaughter [Atiana]. The trio appeared to be attending a special ceremony as Shanna paired a white and green outfit with a wreath of flowers and her then-little daughter donned a white christening gown.

The delighted mom took it a step further by tagging them Atiana and her other children – Alabama Luella and Landon Asher Barker – in a post saying: “To be your mother is the greatest privilege of my life.”

A final update to the model was a montage of their three children over the years, starting when they were toddlers. Viewers saw the kids dress up for Halloween, attend parties, go to the dentist, and enjoy family vacations, among other things.

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Shanna Moakler remembers her late mother at the Mother's Day celebration
Instagram | Shanna Moakler

Shanna continues to struggle with the grief of losing her mother and is not afraid to do so publicly on occasion. In a recent post, she shared a screenshot of a text chain between her and Gail, in which the latter sent a video of a snowy street with the explanation:

“We’re supposed to get flurries of snow today or tomorrow. I’m kinda looking forward to it [.] I love snow.”

“Lucky you,” the grieving daughter replied, prompting her mother to say she was “so fine,” adding a declaration of love to her family and daughter. The 48-year-old reciprocated, and her mother agreed, according to The Blast:

“I need my girl [.] You mean so much to me that you have no idea. I’m so proud of you. I’m so proud to be your mom.”

Later in April, the executive producer of the Miss Nevada USA beauty pageant was honored the Rhode Island resident by bringing home one of her favorite pieces of art. She showcased the artwork via social media and wrote about it:

“This was my mother’s favorite piece of art; I just brought it to LA. It’s very emotional for me 🥺.” The simple yet incredibly detailed octopus drawing consisted of nude and greenish subjects.

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