Showers and storms continue in Colorado Sunday

Across Colorado, particularly along and east of the Continental Divide, the stage is set for a wet weather period.

Wet and above-average cool weather will continue on Sunday. Luckily, the wet weather has lifted virtually all of Colorado out of the drought situation.

A weak cold front has stalled across the state. This minor disruption will contribute to daily showers and thunderstorms through Monday.

Some strong storms and at times heavy rain are possible again on Sunday.

High temperatures will remain cool-than-average for the next few days, peaking in the upper 60s nearing 70 degrees in Denver.

Expect a gradual warming up into next week as well as some isolated afternoon storms.

Forecast for Saturday morning

What is the weather like in Denver in early June?

Denver in June is a month that acts like summer most of the time, but isn’t afraid to show its brooding vernal scorn whenever the need arises. Like most of spring, June is a transitional month. It is a month that falls between the cool rains of May and the warm rains of the monsoon season.

Denver experienced 5.53 inches of rain in May, the fourth wettest on record, and this rain trend will continue through early June. In June we usually experience a lot of moisture in the form of violent thunderstorms, after all the severe weather season is in full swing.

Monthly rainfall averages 1.98 inches. The wettest June we experienced in Denver was in 1882 when 4.96 inches of moisture fell over the city. And recently, in 2009, we had a humidity of 4.69 inches.

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