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The celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Silvio Santos Program gave SBT a comfortable vice-leadership over more than four hours, and also gave the broadcaster an absolute lead that had not happened on Sunday nights for a long time, by 52 minutes. The feat occurred after the end of Fantástico. But even in competition with Show da Vida, the attraction surpassed 9 points most of the time, a rare success for the ten-year-old program.

According to previous audience data in Greater São Paulo, anticipated by the TV Pop website on Twitter and confirmed by the column, the program obtained 8.8 points, compared to 14.3 from Globo from 19:15 to 00:43. Record was in third place, with 6.3 points. Each audience point in the region is equivalent to 206,674 viewers, according to Kantar Ibope Media’s projection for this year.

It was the best performance of the last 118 weeks — on February 28, 2021, the program scored the same 8.8 points average. The lead took place from 11:51 pm to 12:43 am, when SBT recorded an average of 8.1 points, compared to 6.3 for Globo and 2.7 for Record.

It had been at least four years since the Silvio Santos Program took the audience lead in São Paulo, a feat that was common practice for a long time after Fantástico. The creation of Sai de Baixo, in the 1990s, went through Globo’s attempt to curb this success, which has been cooling down over the years.

There was a period, in the last decade, when the Silvio Santos Program led the TV ranking in its last hour, infecting the following program, since it was Marília Gabriela’s until 2015, and later, Roberto Cabrini’s.

With five hours of duration, the commemorative edition of the Silvio Santos Program weighed in for SBT to close Sunday in second place, as in the old days, surpassing Record. The average for the entire day was 6.2 points, with SBT being tuned in by 13.9% of television sets connected in Greater São Paulo.

It is more than half of Globo’s balance, which ended the day with 12 points (26.8% of TVs turned on). Record got 4.8 points and Band, 1.4. The other open networks had less than 1 point in the sum of the day.


The commemorative edition of the 60th anniversary of the Silvio Santos Program did not have the physical presence of the animator, but the entire cast that had their image linked to the attraction over these six decades was on stage, in person or through iconic images.

The champion of Qual É a Música, Ronnie Von, was there to remember how he prepared for the competition, and found faithful participants in the group, such as Nahin, Ovelha, Sylvinho, Márcio from Trio Los Angeles, Jane, Lilian and Silvio Brito.

Eliana and Adriane Galisteu faced each other in a duel in the Jogo das Três Pistas. It was Silvio who laid eyes on the two, still small, each in their own time, and saw in them an artistic potential beyond the children’s repertoires that led them to his program.

Galisteu, who had strong clashes with the businessman years later, when he presented the Charme program there, recalled that “it was not easy” his time at the station in that period, but acknowledged that he taught her a lot of what she learned to strengthen her career in presenter.

In addition to Patrícia Abravanel, who conducted the program, as she has been doing since her father left the stage for good, the other five daughters of the boss –Cintia, Silvia, Daniela, Rebeca and Renata– were present and followed everything from the audience throughout a whole day of recordings. The first lady, Iris Abravanel, joined everyone in the front row of the lively auditorium.

Former Jurors of the Freshman Show met again to remember the times when they entered that auditorium under the unmistakable trail of “laralaralará, laralará, laralaralará […] It’s our thing”, with images of the legendary Pedro de Lara, Araci de Almeida, Wagner Montes and Elke Maravilha.

Vice-president Geraldo Alckmin also stopped by, to remember that he participated in the program’s scavenger hunts when he was mayor of Pindamonhangaba (SP), in the Cidade x Cidade segment. When he was governor of São Paulo, in 2001, Alckmin was pointed out by Silvio as someone who saved his life, when he appeared in person at his house, in Morumbi, to negotiate the surrender of Patrícia Abravanel’s kidnapper, Fernando Dutra Pinto.

The former all-powerful of Globo, José Bonifácio de Oliveira Sobrinho, Boni, recorded a video congratulating the date and stating, once again, that Silvio is the greatest animator in the world. He took the opportunity to remember and thank the loans that Senor Abravanel made to Roberto Marinho when the businessman from Rio de Janeiro bought TV Paulista, which would become the Globo station in São Paulo.

It was there, on Rua das Palmeiras, in the neighborhood of Santa Cecília, in São Paulo, that Homem do Baú started the Silvio Santos Program, still in 1963. Belonging to Vitor Costa Organizations, the station would only become Globo in 67 and would still host the Silvio Santos Program until 1977.

The attraction then passed through Tupi and Record, until it reached the screen of TVS, channel 4 in São Paulo, when Silvio won the concession for that space, as a result of the bankruptcy of TV Tupi, at the hands of then-president João Figueiredo, whose wife, Dona Dulce , was a self-confessed fan of the animator.

Not all of these stories were told in the 60th anniversary edition, where the absence of Luciano Callegari, Silvio’s right-hand man until the end of the 1990s, was felt, who accompanied him not only on the auditorium workday, but on the trips of the Peruvian caravan that Speaks, as Silvio became known, for blushing in his first incursions as a presenter.

The 60 edition also barely mentioned his most outstanding voice, that of the announcer Lombardi, owner of the remarkable voice that spoke to the boss on stage, without showing his face, who died in 2009. But the celebration was like a kind of Canal Viva within the Viva himself, only in a Silvio Santos version, in the best concept that “now is the time to be happy, let’s smile and sing”, that “you don’t take anything from life”.

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