Smart solutions are a trend in the condominial market

With the development of new condominium management and security technologies, smart solutions are a trend in condominiums

During the last few years, technology has become a crucial partner for condominium management, improving the day-to-day life of liquidators and benefiting residents with a better quality of life. According to a survey by the Brazilian Federation of Banks (FEBRABAN), the World Economic Forum projects that the world GDP will increase by 14% in 2030. This projection is justified by the greater use of Artificial Intelligence in industries and everyday solutions.

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This means that there is a growing demand for smart security technologies, such as cameras with facial recognition and license plate reading and alarms integrated into automation systems. In this context, the market for smart condominiums, that is, condominiums that use intelligent solutions to optimize management and increase security, emerges as a strong trend.

The shortage of the condominium market

These needs included the lack of basic connectivity services, such as intercom and fiber optic internet, skilled labor for technological implementation and management within condominiums. In addition, they had high maintenance costs for old and legacy systems in condominiums.

According to Josafá Luz, CEO of Loomy Smart Solutions, a specialist in intelligent solutions for condominiums, with a growing demand from people giving preference to closed condominiums, there was a tendency towards a public that seeks houses and apartments with modern technology systems of security.

“People got used to having high levels of technology and security in their work environments, however, in their condominium, they still coexisted with practices from the last century, such as intercom and analog security system, manual controls and with low reliability”, he adds. the CEO.

The future happens now

For the CEO, in general, the condominiums will be flooded with several solutions that intend to facilitate the life and coexistence of the community that lives there. The control of technological devices present in the condominium will be increasingly integrated with smartphones.

“We see a significant increase in investment in security solutions with artificial intelligence to ensure more protection for assets and, mainly, for families; we see a community seeking more and more convenience in their daily lives”, points out Josafá.

Which condos can enjoy the benefits?

For the implementation of these solutions, it is necessary to evaluate some issues, such as the number of housing units and the structure of the building, in order to identify possible obstacles and necessary adaptations.

The time required for implementation varies according to the contracted services, as the projects are completely scalable and modular, and can be adapted to the specific needs of each client.


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