Snapchat Yellow Dot on Bitmoji, Why is There a Yellow Dot on My Snapchat Bitmoji?

Snapchat Yellow Dot on Bitmoji 

Snapchat, with its color-coded notification system, often shows a yellow dot on a user’s profile icon in the top-left corner of the app. This dot signifies that there’s a notification awaiting the user’s attention. The reasons for this yellow dot can vary, and users may wonder what it indicates.

  • New Story or Friend Request:

The yellow dot may appear when a user has a new notification related to a Story that was posted or received a friend request from another Snapchat user.

Sometimes, the yellow dot indicates that there’s an available update for the Snapchat app itself.

To clear the notification and make the yellow dot disappear, users can take a simple step. They need to tap on the profile icon or the Bitmoji on the Snapchat camera screen, which will lead them to the notification page. By viewing all the unread notifications, the yellow dot will automatically vanish. Snapchat’s color-coded notification system can be puzzling, especially for both new and long-time users.

While each color has a specific meaning, Snapchat doesn’t always provide explicit explanations, leaving users with uncertainty about the various notifications they receive. In conclusion, the yellow dot on a user’s profile icon in Snapchat signifies an unread notification, either related to a Story, friend request, or app update. Clearing the notification is as simple as tapping on the profile icon or Bitmoji, enabling users to keep their Snapchat experience up-to-date and organized.

Why is there a Yellow Dot on My Snapchat Bitmoji?

The yellow dot on your Snapchat Bitmoji means that you have a new notification. This could be anything from a new message to a friend request. To see what the notification is, tap on your Bitmoji.

Here are some of the possible reasons why you might have a yellow dot on your Snapchat Bitmoji:

  • You have a new message. This is the most common reason for a yellow dot on your Bitmoji. If you have a new message, you will see a number in the circle next to your Bitmoji. This number indicates how many unread messages you have.
  • You have a new friend request. If someone has added you as a friend on Snapchat, you will see a yellow dot on your Bitmoji. To see who added you, tap on your Bitmoji and then tap on the “Friend Requests” tab.
  • You have a new Snapstreak. A Snapstreak is a consecutive number of days that you have sent a Snap to someone. If you have a new Snapstreak, you will see a yellow dot on your Bitmoji. To see how many days your Snapstreak is, tap on your Bitmoji and then tap on the “Friends” tab.
  • You have a new update for Snapchat. If there is a new update available for Snapchat, you will see a yellow dot on your Bitmoji. To update Snapchat, tap on your Bitmoji and then tap on the “Settings” tab.


What is Snapchat Bitmoji?

Snapchat Bitmoji is a delightful feature that allows users to create their own personalized cartoon avatars, known as Bitmojis, which represent them throughout the Snapchat platform. A Bitmoji is essentially your very own personal emoji. It’s a fun and expressive way to depict yourself in a virtual form, adding a personalized touch to your interactions on Snapchat.

How to Create and Use Bitmoji on Snapchat:

To get started, users can create their Bitmoji by going to the Bitmoji app or accessing the Bitmoji feature within Snapchat. Here, they can customize the avatar to closely resemble their appearance, or they can get creative and design it in any way they prefer.

Once your Bitmoji is ready, you can share it in chats as stickers, injecting some fun and personality into your conversations with friends.

Users can also incorporate their Bitmojis into Snaps, either as stickers or as part of a Snap Story. This adds a touch of individuality and charm to the photos and videos they share.

  • Displayed on Your Profile:

Your personalized Bitmoji is prominently displayed on your Snapchat profile, allowing your friends to instantly recognize you and your unique avatar.

Bitmoji allows extensive customization options, from hairstyles, outfits, and accessories, ensuring your avatar reflects your true style and personality.

One of the most fun features is the ability to create Friendmoji, where you and your friends’ Bitmojis are combined to form a unique sticker that can be shared in chats or Snaps.

Why Use Bitmoji?

Bitmojis offer a delightful and expressive means of communication on Snapchat. By using these personalized avatars, users can add a touch of humor and emotion to their interactions, making conversations with friends more engaging and personal. In conclusion, Snapchat Bitmoji is a creative and entertaining way to depict yourself virtually on the app.

It allows you to personalize your avatar, share it in chats and Snaps, and make your presence on Snapchat truly your own. With Bitmoji, expressing yourself and connecting with friends becomes even more enjoyable and expressive.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a popular American multimedia instant messaging app and service developed by Snap Inc., originally known as Snapchat Inc. The app offers a unique and distinctive feature where pictures and messages sent are only accessible for a short period before they automatically disappear from the recipient’s device.

Over the years, Snapchat has evolved from its initial focus on person-to-person photo sharing to include various engaging features that have garnered a massive user base worldwide.

Key Features of Snapchat:

One of the defining characteristics of Snapchat is its ephemeral nature. Messages, photos, and videos sent through the app are available for a limited time, typically a few seconds, before they become inaccessible to the recipient.

Snapchat introduced “Stories,” allowing users to create and share a collection of content that lasts for 24 hours. This feature has become immensely popular, as users can showcase their daily activities and experiences. Additionally, the “Discover” section allows brands to present short-form, ad-supported content to engage with users.

To enhance privacy, Snapchat includes a “My Eyes Only” feature, enabling users to store sensitive photos and videos in a password-protected area, adding an extra layer of security to their personal content.

  • Augmented Reality and Stickers:

Snapchat places significant emphasis on interactive features like virtual stickers and augmented reality objects, encouraging users to engage creatively with their content.

While Snapchat has incorporated limited use of end-to-end encryption, the company has plans to expand its implementation in the future, enhancing the security of user communications.

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