Social security for food, ducks in rice paddies, pen pal systems for queer prisoners

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In today’s edition of Squirrel News, France and Belgium trial a social security program for food, in Vermont ducks replace pesticides and fertilisers and pen pals help queer prisoners rehabilitate.

France and Belgium trial food ‘social security’ to help people living in poverty

A year-long experiment will follow 400 participants using a ‘social security’ card that can only be used to purchase food. The program is funded through voluntary community contributions.

Source: BBC

Seattle plans to guarantee paid sick leave for delivery workers

Grocery and food delivery workers may soon have access to paid sick leave in Seattle, where currently they are treated as independent contractors. A proposed law would ensure that regardless of employment status.

Source: KOUW

Spain outlaws domestic violence against pets

Spain plans to implement prison sentences against people who mistreat domestic animals. Livestock and wildlife are excluded from this bill but have their own regulatory protections.

Source: Euronews

Kansas City requires contractors to protect trees

The Kansas City Council approved a new ordinance that would fine contractors who remove trees over the course of their work. The fine is based on the size of the tree to ensure the city can have it replaced.

Source: KCUR

Billions of seeds to be planted as water reservoir is drained

As the Iron Gate Reservoir is drained to restore the Klamath river, conservationists will plant billions of native seeds in the area to restore the wildlife.

Source: OPB

A Dubai-based company creates new water retention methods

From a honeycomb-shaped design to ‘magic sand,’ this company is developing tools to help dry areas irrigate the soil, retain water and protect areas from flooding.

Source: Reuters

A Vermont farm uses an eco-pesticide and fertiliser: ducks

A rice farm uses ducks to help keep the crop safe from weeds and pests. The birds also fertilize the area through their excrement and are much more environmentally friendly than pesticides.

Source: Monga Bay

A mobile cancer radiation truck to help rural Missourians

Researchers from the Missouri University of Science and Technology are developing a mobile method to help rural inhabitants from the region who need chemotherapy.

Source: KCUR

Custom-made museum programs for people with dementia

Museums around the world are developing programs designed to specifically help people with depression and other mental issues. For example, their art exhibitions help stabilize levels of cortisol in dementia patients.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful

Pen pal prison programs found to help LGBTQ2S+ prisoners

A North American program pairs LGBTQ2S+ prisoners with LGBTQ2S+ people outside to help with communication skills, mental health and, ultimately, rehabilitation.

Source: Xtra Magazine

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