Solar saves Europe in heatwave, African teams succeed at Women’s World Cup, AI takes on deadliest disease

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In today’s edition of Squirrel News, we learn about how solar power is becoming essential as Europe grapples with severe heat, the fantastic success of African teams at the Women’s World Cup, and a new AI-supported method to diagnose tuberculosis.

Solar energy key to Europe’s endurance in extreme heat

High energy prices have sped up the installation of solar panels in Spain and Greece. Solar power is especially suitable to heatwaves as electricity production peaks during hottest part of day when demand for cooling is highest.

Source: Reuters

The firm recycling and refurbishing damaged solar panels

As the number of solar panel installations grow, so does the number of used and damanged ones. A company in the US refurbishes used panels for resale and recycles materials like metals from damaged panels.

Source: Associated Press

South Africa, Nigeria, Morocco, Zambia thrive at Women’s World Cup

Women’s football has been dominated by western countries, but several African nations have thrived against all odds in the 2023 World Cup, with 3 of 4 making it past the group round.

Source: Christian Science Monitor

AI speeds up tuberculosis diagnosis and treatment in Vietnam

Tuberculosis is still a big burden in many countries and it can’t be easily diagnosed with a simple blood test. Using AI as part of an innovative diagnostic strategy has been successful at speeding up detection and subsequent treatment for patients in Vietnam.

Source: Good Good Good

US scientists achieve net energy gain for second time in nuclear fusion reaction

The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s National Ignition Facility achieved the feat using lasers to fuse two atoms.

Source: The Guardian

US states proactively working to protect communities from extreme floods

States like Vermont and Texas, which have suffered disastrous flooding, are investing in urban planning and improved stormwater management to both prevent and better deal with severe storms in the future.

Source: BBC

Colorado university provides free mental health services to teachers in state

The pandemic tested teachers’ resilience and showcased the shortage of mental healthcare. This team of psychiatry professors and students created the Colorado Educator Support project to provide mental health services free of charge to teachers in the state.

Source: Christian Science Monitor

Empowering parents to prevent teen relationship violence

Seeking to reduce the incidence of violence in relationships among young people, the ReDefine Parenting Program teaches parents, caregivers and children about consent and healthy relationships.

Source: Yes Magazine

Black Rock Collective makes climbing diverse in California

Brittney Butler founded the group in 2021 to help more Black people get into the historically white-dominated sport of climbing in Oakland, California.

Source: The Oaklandside

How making music in prison helps ex-convicts reintegrate

Music has played an important role in rehabilitating prisoners by helping them express themselves and communicate their stories. It can also help formerly incarcerated people when they face difficulty as they seek to reintegrate a prejudiced society.

Source: The Marshall Project

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