Solutions to extreme heat, Pakistan to reintroduce crocodiles, world’s largest timber neighbourhood


In today’s issue of Squirrel News, some new techniques to help cities stay cool as temperatures rise, Pakistan is reintroducing an endangered crocodile back into its old ecosystem, and Berlin plans construction of the largest timber neighbourhood in the world.

With global temperatures set to keep rising, here are some solutions to keep cool

The summers in the Northern hemisphere are set to get hotter, so innovations like cooling paper and policy changes like shade equity will be vital to the future.


Endangered crocodile will return to Pakistan for the first time since 1985

In a boost to biodiversity and the numbers of the endangered gharial crocodile, Pakistan is helping return these crocodilians to their traditional ecosystem.

The Planetary Press

A sustainable urban project is being constructed in Berlin’s abandoned Tegel Airport

A human-scale neighbourhood is being developed in Berlin, which is set to be the largest group of mass timber buildings in the world.

Fast Company

Single-use plastics will be prohibited in Canada by December 2022

Canada will halt the production, import and sale of single-use plastics by the end of 2022, in an important step to cut plastic pollution.

The Planetary Press

Boom in secondhand clothing sales helps reduce fast-fashion’s dominance

Clothing resale platforms allow consumers to make sustainable choices and move a segment of the market away from the carbon and water polluting textile industry.

Good Good Good

New address registration scheme helps low income Indians

Slum dwellers in India often found themselves unable to get government IDs, internet access and even bank accounts without an official address. A new programme changes that.

Reasons to be Cheerful

New startup offers alternative to traditional security deposit methods in attempt to help at-risk Americans

Cincinnati now requires owners of 25 or more rental units to offer alternatives to security deposits as a means of helping low-income Americans find housing.

The Philadelphia Citizen

Nonprofit creates sustainable, scalable job training programme

Nonprofit Pursuit creates economic mobility through training programmes in partnership with US State governments.


A washing kit for reusable menstruation pads helps women in water scarce-regions

The innovative Looop can is made from recycled products at just 3£ a unit and will allow women in regions with limited water resources to clean their reusable menstruation pads.


How Saving Food Can Help Save the Planet

One company has a creative solution to food waste and addresses both access and affordability of healthful foods plus the environmental impact of sending food to landfills.

Good Good Good

Mobile school brings education and tutoring to homeless children

Underprivileged and homeless children in the United States will have better access to libraries and schooling through a programme of mobile schools.

Christian Science Monitor

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