Songs by Domitila and Bruna play at the BBB 23 party

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The musical repertoire of the early morning party on Saturday (8/4) was very pleasing to those confined to “BBB 23”. After concerts by Pitty, Duda Beat and Negra Li, the brother DJ played songs by Domitila Barros and Bruna Griphao for the first time in the edition.

The first to play was “Girls With Those Curls (Remix)”, a partnership between Domitila and Teeyno, which inspired Miss Germany to perform on the floating stage, set up in the pool, perfect for social media memes.

Seeing the performance, Bruna took the opportunity to pin the rival, remembering that she had mocked her musical career. “See, Domitila, everyone can sing”, said the actress.

When the song ended, the desert girls went to hug the model. “Congratulations, we know what a struggle it is. Honestly, with all my heart”, said singer Aline Wirley, referring to her artistic career. “Congratulations, your music is beautiful. Much success. Many songs. It was beautiful”, said Amanda Meirelles right after.

Even Bruna Griphao went to congratulate. “Congratulations! It is very important for our race to be valued”, said the actress. “When you’re not screaming, your voice is so beautiful. Your tone! I’m sorry, see, Bruna”, replied Domitila.

The actress said that she apologizes to the model, in addition to taking the opportunity to apologize. “I’m sorry! Thank you for apologizing, from the heart. I apologize too. I got mad and said: ‘Domitila this, Domitila that’. I also apologize for the things I said, that I was angry”.

“So grateful for this moment. This moment to sincerely feel each other. I talk a lot of nonsense”, assumed Domitila.

“I also speak. Just for you to apologize is already very valid for me, because it hurt me. I accept it, and I also ask because I said a lot of nonsense. Congratulations to us”, said the actress.

Soon after, the DJ released the song “Bandida”, released while Bruna was confined. The actress had not yet heard the final recording and the release excited her allies in the game.

She danced and sang with her friends, Larissa Santos, Amanda and Aline, enjoying the moment.

To complete, the production of “BBB 23” also presented the new song by Aline Wirley, “A Gente Ecoa”, a partnership between her and her husband Igor Rickli, which was revealed firsthand by the program at the Leader’s Party on Wednesday passed (5/4).

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