South Korea: K-pop star Moonbin dead – Astro member dies at 25

Member of boy band Astro

South Korea: K-pop star Moonbin dies at 25

04/20/2023, 07:53

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Moonbin died unexpectedly at the age of 25.

Moonbin died unexpectedly at the age of 25.

Photo: Instagram / moon_ko_ng

He was a celebrated artist in the K-Pop scene: now the musician Moonbin has been found lifeless in Seoul. He was only 25 years old.

The world has lost an exceptional artist: K-Pop fans mourn the loss of musicians moonbin. As the South Korean’s music label reports, the singer of the band Astro was found dead in his Seoul apartment on Wednesday. Background, including the cause of death, was not disclosed. Moonbin was only 25 years old.

A Twitter post from the Fantagio label said Moonbin had “unexpectedly left our world and become a star in the sky.” The deceased had been a member of the since 2016 Boy band Astro and also belonged to a group called Moonbin & Sanha. He had previously worked as a dancer and model.

K-Pop: Multiple deaths in music scene

The Death of the young entertainer is tragically not an isolated case: in the past few years, some musicians from the scene had already died. In several cases, suicide was named or suspected as the cause. In 2017, Kim Jong Hyun, the 27-year-old frontman of boy band Shinee, took his own life. In 2019, 25-year-old singer Sulli died after being subjected to online bullying.

The K-Pop Scene is known as a strict industry: the musicians are usually selected by agencies as teenagers and trained for their careers. They are subjected to a tough and strictly regulated training in music and dance. (day/afp)

Editor’s note: Due to the high rate of copycats, we generally do not report on suicides or attempted suicides unless they receive special attention due to the circumstances. If you suffer from mood swings, depression or suicidal thoughts yourself or you know someone who suffers from them, you can get help from the telephone counseling service. You can reach them by phone at 0800/111-0-111 and 0800/111-0-222 or on the Internet at The advice is anonymous and free of charge, calls are not noted on the telephone bill.

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