Spain moves towards 100% renewable energy, world’s first native bee sanctuary, Bali’s sign language village

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, we’re talking about Spain’s milestone on the way to a 100% green energy future, the world’s first native bee sanctuary opening in Ireland, and a village in Indonesia in which almost every resident speaks sign language fluently.

Spain runs for 9 hours on 100% renewable energy sources

The generation of electricity from solar, wind, and water power exceeded total demand in mainland Spain on Tuesday – a pattern that will be repeated in the future.

Source: El País

World’s first native bee sanctuary opens in Ireland

The space in County Wicklow provides wild bees with a suitable habitat with plentiful, varied forage – letting them go about their business in peace.

Source: positive news

Italy’s first climate action lawsuit tackles major oil company

Encouraged by the success of conservation activists in other European countries, twelve Italian citizens along with Greenpeace Italy and ReCommon are targeting key fossil fuel players.

Source: Ecowatch

Everybody knows sign language in this Indonesian village

A tiny proportion of Bengkala’s residents are deaf and mute – but they’re still able to communicate with everyone in their community.

Source: Deutsche Welle

France finalizes laws tightly regulating social media influencers

From bans on promoting cosmetic surgery to labels on filtered images, the new legislation aims to reduce the mental health impact of social media sites on young people.

Source: El País

Enhanced rock weathering is a tangible option for carbon capturing

Using the commonly found volcanic rock basalt, local farmers are helping to actively absorb carbon from the atmosphere through a turbo-charged version of the naturally-occurring weathering process.

Source: BBC News

The Celtic Rainforest project aims to save Britain’s rarest habitat

A new plant nursery in Eryri will grow approximately 30,000 trees per year, using them to renew and future-proof existing woodlands.

Source: iNews

Honduras women are circumventing unsafe and restrictive abortion bans

From burner phones and aliases to code words and underground networks, women across Honduras are helping one other access safe medical treatment when terminating a pregnancy.

Source: AP News

Photography initiative helps Nigeria’s children tell their own stories

Apochi Nelson Owoicho’s program allows children to express themselves and learn the art of photography whilst also drawing attention to social issues.

Source: Global Citizen

“We say, skate and destroy! Just commit and do it”: India’s skater girl pioneers

India’s small group of female skateboarders are smashing stereotypes and forming strong communities.

Source: The Guardian

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