Spanish and Italian are champions of Singles of Follow the Beach Copacabana with the highest award in history

No. 1 in the world, Antomi Ramos took the cup in the grand final against André Baran and dedicated the title to Flamengo star Everton Ribeiro, who was present at the event. In the women’s category, Sofia Cimatti defeated Venezuelan Patrícia Diaz. Champions received the biggest prize in the history of the sport


On Monday night, the Singles champions of Follow the Beach Copacabana, the biggest event in the world with more than 2,000 subscribers and athletes from twelve countries, held on Copacabana Beach, were defined.

Antomi Ramos, number 1 in the men’s world, and Sofia Cimatti, who has six world titles and is the 3rd in the women’s world, lifted the cup in two exciting finals for around two thousand people in the arena set up on Copacabana Beach.

Ramos, who has lived in Campinas (SP) since the end of 2021, overcame André Baran, fourth from Santa Catarina, by 1/4 4/2 10/7 while Sofia Cimatti, who has lived in São Paulo since January, passed Patrícia Diaz by 4/2 5/4 (7/5). Each champion took home R$60,000 and the runners-up left with half of that amount in what was considered the biggest singles tournament in the history of the sport.

“It was an incredible day, very tiring and difficult. I played in the morning and in the afternoon and it was very hot. Before the final I was very tired, but I found a lot of energy from the fans. I really enjoyed this tournament, it’s incredible, every year it gets better. The final It was a very competitive match. Paty Diaz is incredible, he defended very well, I didn’t know what else to do, but I found the form and I’m very happy”, celebrated Cimatti.

Ramos was thrilled with the trophy and dedicated it to the illustrious presence of his friend Everton Ribeiro, a Flamengo soccer player, his personal friend, and also to his grandmother Antonia, who is sick and hospitalized in Spain: “Really amazing, the crowd helped me get up I’m usually a guy like Paty Diaz, I never give up. André Baran was playing very well, he was serving a lot, playing very well, defending everything, for me it was hell at the beginning. But I changed the game, I started to move more and with this soft sand, he had played a difficult key and that helped me a lot and I started to turn”, said the Spaniard: “A friendship I created with Marília (Everton Ribeiro’s wife). told me he didn’t play very well. I said it was just a joke, friendly people. We chatted, we had a lot of fun playing Beach Tennis. She opened the doors of his house, I met him. Everton Ribeiro is a wonderful person. What he is in the field, quiet, silent, tranquil. This transmits a lot of peace to the team. And off the field he is the same, a super family man, he has a wonderful family. I really like Totói (Everton Ribeiro’s son) who is famous (laughs)”. About his grandmother, he commented: “She is sick in the hospital, her kidneys are not working, she got an infection in her foot and her body started getting worse. She had a heart attack last week. I was only supposed to stay for two days, but it’s been two months now. I can’t wait to go back to Spain to see her and help her get home.”

Follow the Beach Copacabana won the award for the best sports competition in the city of Rio de Janeiro in 2022 through the LIDE group, and became an official of the wonderful city through Bill No. 7589. The competition was broadcast live by Sportv as a broadcaster oficial with transmission of the broadcaster’s channels and also Globoplay for Globoplay subscribers + channels a in three of the four days of the event and still had the transmission of the Follow the Streaming channel – – in the others center court games.


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