Special award in gold

At the annual general meeting of the reservist association (RK) Wildflecken, honors for 2022 were on the agenda.

The following were honored for long-term membership in the Association of Reservists of the German Armed Forces and awarded certificates and honorary badges: Wolfgang Schmid for 40 years, Adolf Kreuzpaintner for 50 years and Günter Schmäling for 55 years.

With David Baer and Adrian Kozot, two particularly committed reservists of the RK Wildflecken have received a special award. They were awarded the Gold Level Reservist Achievement Badge (RLA) during a military exercise in January by Major Herwig Rubin, Company Commander of the Staff and Supply Company of Homeland Security Regiment 1.

“The requirements for acquiring the RLA, which is awarded to reserve soldiers for special performance in military service and for above-average performance in the sporting area, are very high. They are even more extensive than for active soldiers, who can also take performance badges at different levels,” says Baer. All services – from shooting skills, self-help and comrade help to NBC protection measures and physical fitness as well as professional services – must be provided within one year. 2. Mayor Wolfgang Illek congratulated the two on this extraordinary achievement.

“The number of members has remained relatively constant at around 40 in recent years. In 2022 there were no resignations. The RK currently has 37 members aged between 34 and 86. Like many other organizations, the RK also has recruitment problems, not least because of the abolition of compulsory military service. The Board of Directors will therefore make further efforts to recruit new members for the RK,” said RK Chairman David Baer. The monthly meetings were “relatively well attended” with an average of 13 comrades.

“The re-election of the entire board at the general assembly on March 11 sent a signal of continuity,” said Baer. The second chairman is Klaus Schuhmann, treasurer Ralf Hepke, secretary Stefan Riesner, cash auditors are Marius Stranzik and Wolfgang Schmid. District delegates remain Harald Dziadek, Wolfgang Schmid and Jörg Krallmann.

Visiting the cemeteries of the resettled villages of Reußendorf and Altglashütten in the military training area on Easter Sunday, Whit Sunday and All Saints’ Day is also of great interest. In 2022, a total of 259 interested visitors (Easter 108, Pentecost 90 and All Saints’ Day 61) were counted. The RK members take care of the cleaning there and at the Polish cemetery.

Good collection result

Dirk Korbstein represented the RK Wildflecken as an official at the German Reservist Championship (DRM) 2022, which took place in June at the Bundeswehr Sports School in Warendorf. Korbstein therefore took part in a 14-day military exercise. David Baer and Adrian Kozot are involved with the Bavarian Homeland Security Regiment. They took part in several military exercises.

The RK Wildflecken achieved a good result with its collection for the benefit of the German War Graves Commission. A total of 437.97 euros was collected. Oliver Bauer, district manager of the Volksbund in Lower Franconia, was pleased with the good result and thanked him for the many years of active support.

Year-end shooting

The year-end closing of the RK (with families) and the associated year-end shooting took place in the shooting range of SV Wildflecken in Oberwildflecken. Julian Stranzik won the youth shooting just ahead of Felicitas Baer, ​​followed by Carlo Schmitt. Waldemar Martin and Stefan Riesner were the winners of the “Adam and Eve Shooting”. Behind them were the teams Evelyn and Werner Kirchner as well as Sabrina and Marius Stranzik. Adrian Kozot secured the pistol cup, Marius Stranzik won the reserve goose.

Honorary Chairman Adolf Kreuzpaintner (86) has not only been in charge of the Military History Museum in the Rhön barracks in Wildflecken for many decades, but also offers guided tours. “The Corona valley has been overcome. I already have several inquiries for 2023,” informed Kreuzpaintner.

Outlook for 2023 and 2024

In a brief outlook, RK Chairman Baer announced the following dates for 2023: Participation in the clean landscape campaign on April 1 “Wildflecken cleans up!”; Trip to Hamburg from May 5th to 7th; cleaning campaigns in the cemeteries in Reußendorf and Altglashütten; Carrying out visits to the cemeteries on Easter Sunday (April 9th), Whit Sunday (May 18th) and on All Saints’ Day (November 1st, here also the Polish cemetery); Collection for the German War Graves Commission (end of October); Year-end shooting (end of November). Participation in the 500th anniversary of Wildflecken is planned for 2024.

Thomas Helfrich addressed the topic of external representation of the RK. “Those who stay in touch win new members. The RK is very busy and has a lot to offer, as you can see. Unfortunately, there is too little information about this in public,” he said. It is therefore important to improve information and press work. The personal conversation is also something to win new members for the RK Wildflecken. “All members can get involved here,” says Helfrich.

In his welcome speech, Mayor Illek acknowledged the activities of the RK. He also offered his support in obtaining a sign at the Polish cemetery, where a path is also to be repaired. red

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