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Finance Minister Dr. Danyal Bayaz took over the sponsorship for the sea lion bull “Unesco” in the Wilhelma today. Unesco is a California sea lion and weighs 280 kilos. He was born in Karlsruhe Zoo in 2006 and has lived in Wilhelma since 2009.

Around 100 years ago, seal hunters hunted the California sea lion on the American west coast mainly for its skin and for the cod liver oil. The species is almost extinct. In 1908, for example, there was only one sea lion left on the Channel Islands. In the meantime, the hunt for seals has been largely banned, so that the stocks have been able to recover.

The amount of money associated with the sponsorship does not only benefit the sponsored animal. The donations from the approximately 1,000 animal and plant sponsorships help to finance projects that would not have come about without this help, or only in a reduced form. In the past, for example, the snow leopard enclosure was upgraded or the construction of the small mammal, bird and insect house was co-financed.

The “Terra Australis” is currently being realized in the Wilhelma in the former ape house. Animals from Australia are expected to be seen here from the end of June, including koalas. Minister Bayaz also inspected the eucalyptus plantations that have been set up specifically to feed the newcomers. Koalas feed exclusively on the leaves of certain types of eucalyptus.

The eucalyptus greenhouse is on the roof of an administration building. 100 eucalyptus trees grow here on 320 square meters. The fodder plants they have grown themselves are only an emergency reserve in case the actual fodder supplier fails.

More information: www.wilhelma.de

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