‘Star Wars’ Graduate Daisy Ridley returned to Instagram 1 year ago today

actress Daisy Ridley Shortly after she finished Star Wars, she left social media and only rejoined Instagram after a multi-year hiatus from social media.

The Young Woman and the Sea actress rejoined Instagram on April 4, 2022…exactly one year ago today!

Daisy Ridley returned to Instagram “Recharged” for her “Year Of Yes.”

In her first-ever Instagram post to mark her return, the 30-year-old actress – who turns 31 on April 10 – shared a photo of her sipping tea while lying in a fluffy white bathrobe.

“I’m emerging from social media hibernation refreshed, recharged and ready for what I call my ‘Year of Yes.’ (And that’s the tea.)” she joked in the caption.

Many fans were happy to welcome her back to Instagram. One fan called it “the best decision you’ve ever made,” while another follower joked, “Why isn’t Rey Skywalker dominating social apps?”

Daisy debuted her pixie cut at the BAFTAs later that month

That same month, the London native took to the BAFTA red carpet to show off her pixie cut in a black dress. “Better late than never!” she wrote in the caption. “‘Year or Yes’ is coming strong at @BAFTA Awards 2022 wearing a beautiful dress of 2 previous dresses.”

“Love your dress,” one fan commented. “My queen,” joked another follower. “I love her seriousness,” teased a third fan. “She’s beautiful and she’s really trying to be cool,” teased another follower, while many fans told her how much they loved their mom!

Daisy Ridley just can’t get over her Star Wars past!

Though she has since moved on to other projects, Daisy will forever be known for her role as Rey in the “Star Wars” sequel trilogy. While working on another role, she was surprised by “Kylo Ren” in the break room on Star Wars Day, which takes place on May 4thth every year in a play based on “May the Fourth Be With You”.

“4. Mayth Surprise on set. Two worlds collide!” Daisy wrote in the caption. “Your legacy continues,” one fan joked. “Rey Skywalker forever,” chimed in another follower, while other fans told her how much they loved her with blonde hair!

Daisy Wrapped filming “Young Woman and the Sea” in June 2022

Though she may be done with a galaxy far, far away, Daisy hasn’t left Disney behind. She returned to star in Young Woman and the Sea, which is based on the true story of Gertrude Ederle, the first woman to ever swim the English Channel.

In her post, she shared three photos of her posing with the cast and crew by the sea and wrote, “And that’s a wrap! Last day on set for Young Woman and the Sea. It was tough but it was worth it and I think we made a film to be proud of. So thankful for #TeamTrudy.”

Daisy shared some camera tests from her latest film!

Earlier in the year, she had also teased some camera tests she did for the film. Fans can’t wait to see the movie, and one fan wrote, “I can’t wait. So far, every shot you’ve played has been a blast.”

“So happy to see you again in some new movies!!!” exclaimed another follower. “I can’t wait to see you live your best life. You really are my hero,” chimed in a third fan.

Daisy Ridley took part in an Alice in Wonderland inspired photoshoot

To promote her latest film Sometimes I Think About Dying, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, Daisy attended an Alice in Wonderland themed photoshoot for Glass Magazine.

“I was a bit scared because I hadn’t done a shoot in ages, but I had the most amazing day with the Alice in Wonderland extravaganza! Thank you team!” Daisy wrote in the caption.

Her last Instagram post was posted on March 25, which included three photos of Daisy posing in different outfits. In the caption, the actress teased, “More fashuuuuun!”

Fans can’t wait to see the next time she posts, but there will most likely be photos of a cake for her 31st birthday on April 10th!

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