Star Wars Jedi: Survivor just made a major Rogue One plot point even better

When you’re caught on your Villain One In the lore, you already know quite a bit about Jedha as Cal explores the moon, including the fact that one of the first generations of Jedi lived there. Some historians even believed that it was the site of the Holy of Holies First Jedi Temple, although it’s impossible to know for sure. It also has rich deposits of Kyber Crystals, the key resource needed to power a Jedi’s lightsaber, and as we learn Villain One, the thing that also powers the Death Star’s superlaser. Because of its ancient Jedi history—remains of statues of proud lightsaber-wielding Jedi dot the vast desert outside the city—several religious groups have visited and settled on the moon to worship these wielders of power, including the Guardians of Whills featured in the film is the Church of Power.

But in Jedi: Survivor we discover one too other The Jedi group call Jedha home: the Hidden Path, the underground rebel faction working to bring Order 66 survivors to safety. We first met the Hidden Path in Obi Wan Kenobi and learn in this game that Cere and her master Eno Cordova are key members of this group. They build a sanctuary in the desert of Jedha that also serves as an archive of ancient Jedi knowledge – it’s even revealed that the sacred texts are from The Last Jedi have been kept here for a while! And given what we know about Jedha’s history with the Jedi, it makes perfect sense.

Unfortunately, the attention this sanctuary is bringing to the moon is also the catalyst for the Imperial occupation we are about to witness Villain One. The Empire learns of the insidious Bode from the Sanctuary and launches a full-scale attack on the Hidden Path on Jedha. Darth Vader claims Ceres’ life.

They’re pretty good at filling in the blanks in terms of what happens next. With the Empire now occupying Jedha, it can fully commence its kyber-mining operation that will fuel construction of the Death Star, the precise weapon that will one day soon destroy the lunar surface. And we now know how Cal’s own adventures and the work of the Hidden Path orchestrated these events. It’s a slick piece of storytelling that not only works in-game, but informs one of the best war of stars Movies of the Disney era. It’s just too bad that Jedha has to suffer for such a great setup and payout.


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