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Asylum system now ‘utterly broken’, says Starmer

Starmer says less than 1% of people arriving on small boats have had their claims processed. That is the official figure. The government is just offering the same old gimmicks. When the home secretary says the Tories are all talk and no action, she is spot on.

He adds that the system has become “utterly broken on [Sunak’s] watch”.

Sunak says enforcement, people processing claims and returns agreements are all up. It will be only the Conservatives who stop the boats.

Key events

Tahir Ali (Lab) asks about women in Indian-occupied Kashmir being subject to rape, forced marriage and other abuse. Does he agree the BJP government in India has supported this.

Sunak says the government has a proud record of taking action on sexual violence. He does not address the point about the BJP government at all.

And that’s it. PMQs is over.

Imran Hussain (Lab) says the migration bill is “far-right” and “appeasing”. Would Mo Farah have been removed under it?

Sunak says the government has to stop the system being overwhelmed if it wants to help the most vulnerable. There is nothing compassionate about allowing the current system to continue.

Natalie Elphicke (Con) asks if Sunak will see what more can be done to address push factors for small boats when he meets the French president – ​​who is pushing those boats into the sea in France.

Sunak says he has already announced the biggest deal with France, including a 40% increase in patrols.

Gerald Jones (Lab) says the last Labor government lifted 800,000 children out of poverty. But the Tories have put 500,000 children into poverty. Will the PM apologise?

Sunak says since 2010 there are 1.2 million fewer people in poverty, through measures such as the national living wage.

Matt Rodda (Lab) asks why the government has removed measures to tackle the posting of content promoting knives in the online safety bill. He refers to a constituent killed by people looking at this material.

Sunak says he is happy to look at this issue. The government has taken other measures on knife crime, he says.

Steve McCabe (Lab) says Sunak talks about working in his mother’s pharmacy. How will he feel if 600 close this year because of the “vicious” NHS contract.

Sunak says community pharmacies do fantastic work. The government is looking at what more it can do to support them.

Richard Thomson (SNP) asks what Sunak will do to close the gender pensions gap.

Sunak says auto-enrollment has helped millions of women. The government remains committed to the measures in the 2017 review.

Christopher Clarkson (Con) asks Sunak to pay tribute to the role played by remarkable women, including his mum, who is in the gallery.

Sunak does pay tribute to them.

Rosie Duffield (Lab) asks if the PM agrees voters have every right to ask candidates questions about women’s rights, and that candidates should reply.

Sunak says he agrees. He says Duffield has his full support on this.

Kenny MacAskill (Alba) asks about people off-grid for power, which he says is more common in poorer areas. Will the PM ensure these people can get their extra fuel payment.

Sunak says, as someone representing a rural constituency, he is aware of the off-grid issue. The government is trying to ensure people do not lose out.

David Davis (Con) asks about the extradition treaty with the US that came into force in 2003. He says the UK has sent 225 people to the US, but only 83 people have come the other way. The system is unfair, partly because the Americans coerce people. Will the PM review the treaty?

Sunak says it is in the national interest to have effective extradition relationships. He will meet Davis to discuss this further. The US has only refused one request, while the UK has refused 27, he says.

Kevin Brennan (Lab) asks about ticket touts reselling Eurovision tickets at extravagant prices, which he says is the latest example of Tory rip-off Britain.

Sunak says he will look at this issue.

Jo Gideon (Con) asks about the Bank of Dave story, and asks if the PM will meet her and Dave Fishwick to discuss community banking.

Sunak says he will organize a meeting with a Treasury minister.

Ed Davey, the Lib Dem leader, asks about Jean, who was told she would have to wait eight hours for an ambulance. She had to drive to hospital herself. When she got to hospital, she collapsed and died. Will Sunak apologizing?

Sunak says his thoughts are with Jean’s family. Performance is improving for ambulance times. There has been a marked improvement, he says.

Stephen Flynnthe SNP leader at Westminster, asks Sunak to confirm that someone sex-trafficking to the UK could be denied asylum under the bill.

Sunak says the government’s plans are based on compassion. He does not answer the questions.

Flynn says he will take that as a yes. And he says today the government has said 100 million people could come here. That is nonsense, he says. Who is inspiring the government, Nigel Farage or Enoch Powell?

Sunak says the figure is a UN one. If the government cannot control the asylum system, it cannot protect those in need, he says.
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